Ipsotek Visual Intelligence Platform

Hybrid video analytics engine combines behavior analytics and facial recognition

The Visual Intelligence Suite (VISuite) 10.1 from Ipsotek is an advanced video analytics platform. It combines behavior analytics and face recognition to provide sophisticated security, operational, and business intelligence solutions to the commercial and public sectors.visual intelligence

VISuite 10.1 is comprised of several modules which work together to deliver a full suite of capabilities with a choice of deployment models—content can be analyzed centrally or remotely at the camera-end (IP or analog).

  • VIConfig defines target behavior using a library of pre-configured templates, or via drag and drop rule definition interface. Users can remotely configure camera output with the patented scene calibration utility.
  • VIManager is a highly configurable user interface allowing full alarm details to be viewed and filtered with direct access to live and exact alarm point footage.
  • VIZualise is a powerful reporting tool for real-time and historical data
  • VIForensics performs real-time or post-incident search and identification based on highly tailored search criteria
  • VIGallery is a fast and simple to use record and storage utility for face recognition
  • SDK kit offers easy integration with third-party applications and hardware

VISuite 10.1 features a Patented Scenario Based Rule Engine to build an exact description of target behavior via simultaneous or sequenced scenario rule combinations for a human-like understanding of a scene. Its Hybrid Video combines predefined rules with cognitive intelligence for a fast to configure system without compromising accuracy of results. In addition, Advanced Face Recognition functionality supports watch list, whitelist, visit metrics, and forensic face search capabilities.

Patented easy and scalable configuration takes the complexity out of deploying video analytics, especially in large projects, with a template-based configuration technique. The visual intelligence platform also offers a flexible alarm mechanism combined with adaptive filtering to automatically disqualify false alarms. Event combining (event fusion) from a variety of external inputs widens Scenario Based capabilities and a tool box of detection modules operate robustly in both sterile and crowded environments.