IWBI Launches Program For Healthy Building Products, Solutions

Nearly 40 companies have enrolled more than 1,000 products in the new licensing platform that's designed to help companies showcase how their products align with the WELL rating system.

In response to rising industry demand for healthy building products and solutions, the International WELL Building Institute (IWBI) has launched Works with WELL. The new product licensing program helps manufacturers validate and showcase how their products align with WELL strategies based on IWBI licensing criteria. Nearly 40 early-adopting companies have already enrolled more than 1,000 products in the new program.

“Increasingly, companies want to demonstrate how their products support health and well-being,” said Jessica Cooper, IWBI Chief Product Officer. “To help foster that potential for health leadership, we wanted to provide a robust platform for companies to validate how their products align with health-focused features in WELL.”

Through Works with WELL, companies are able to submit their products to show that they align with specific features or thresholds in the WELL Building Standard (WELL). To earn the right to display the trademark, products must go through a third-party document review to validate that their products meet the licensing criteria. By achieving Works with WELL, companies are able to demonstrate their commitment to advancing products and solutions that support human health and well-being.

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(Source: International WELL Building Institute)


The launch of the Works with WELL program coincides with a global surge in the adoption of WELL programs. To date, WELL has been adopted by nearly 44,000 projects spanning 4.85 billion square feet of real estate across 127 countries.

With increased global focus on health in buildings, the Works with WELL platform will also serve as a resource for project teams around the world looking to better understand how products and solutions can help them support WELL certification.

Leading organizations in the global manufacturing community from 10 countries, including Panasonic, Johnson Controls, Teknion, Naava, Trane Technologies, Siemens, and View Inc. provided industry input to help shape the program based on market needs.

“We are excited about the Works with WELL program because it provides third-party validation that our products align with health-centric initiatives.”

— Patrick Keese, President,
Milliken Floor Covering

“Wellness is a defining factor in how we develop and manufacture our products,” said Patrick Keese, president of Milliken’s Floor Covering Business, an early adopter of the Works with WELL program. “We are excited about the Works with WELL program because it provides third-party validation that our products align with health-centric initiatives.”

Products developed by early adopters include solutions for air and water quality, lighting, smart building technologies, flooring, wall coverings, furnishing and biophilic products, as well as solutions that promote mental health, movement, nourishment and community engagement and more. These products are situated around the feature requirements under the 10 WELL concepts: Air, Water, Nourishment, Light, Movement, Thermal Comfort, Sound, Materials, Mind and Community.

Early adopters with products that have earned the Works with WELL trademark include:

Air Aurora Air Purification Technology (Shanghai)
Babylon Micro Farms
Clear Inc.
Guangdong Eagle Brand Industrial
Hollingsworth & Vose (Suzhou)
LogiSon Acoustic Network
Numa Products
Ostuni Lighting
Pathogen Reduction Solutions
ProCoat Products
Shanghai Matsu Furniture (Group)
Shanghai PAALER Environment Protecting Technology
Shanghai Puen Lighting Electric Appliance
Shaw Industries Group

USGBC LEEDUSGBC, IWBI Streamline Certification For LEED, WELL

New process simplifies documentation requirements while maintaining high standards. Read more…

Other early adopters engaged in the process pursuing product alignment with WELL features include:

Arwin Technology
Biamp Systems
Blade Air
Excel Dryer
eyrise B.V.
Global DWS
Guangdong ODAS Home Technology Co.
Huizhou CDN Industrial Development Co.
Intelligence Air
Jiangsu Insona Communication Technology Co.
Lighting Recipe Studio Limited
Milliken & Company
Shanghai DST Technology Co.
Shanghai Lamett SPC Technology Co.
Sunon Technology Co.

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