J+J Launches Function Carpet Tile For Structure Broadloom

J+J Flooring introduced Function, a carpet tile that is complementary to the existing Structure broadloom with expanded color options.

J+J's Function and Structure Carpet Tile
J+J’s Function and Structure Carpet Tile

J+J Flooring introduced the Function and Structure carpet tile collection. The Function tile is complementary to the existing Structure broadloom with refreshed and expanded color options. The collection was inspired by architectural design that determines the functionality of a structure. 

Function has a molded wash of pattern with a subtle hint of texture, meant to suggest movement and light. It is designed to provide a seamless appearance between tiles. Whereas, the Structure carpet tile features a clean form with a pristine nubby appearance, serving as a proportional complement to the Function tile. Both are offered in nine saturated neutrals covering the entire color spectrum from cool to warm.

Constructed with the Encore SD Ultima Nylon, Function and Structure are specifically engineered to maximize their color retention and overall performance. Function is available in 18”x 36” tiles, and Structure is available a standard width of 12 tf. Both Function and Structure broadloom are available in 9 saturated neutral shades.

Both Function’s Nexus Modular backing and Structure’s PremierBac Plus backing contain pre-consumer recycled content. Their utilization contributes to LEED certification. Both are also recyclable through the J+J Flooring R4 Carpet Reclamation Program.

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