JLG® EcoLifts | Eco-Friendly, Safe and Efficient Alternative to a Ladder or Scaffolding

Efficiency and safety are the order of the day in your facility or office. For situations where a ladder isn’t the best option for the task at hand, look to the EcoLift Series from JLG. The innovative lift/lower mechanism is simple to use and gives operators the confidence to tackle low-level tasks like changing light bulbs, hanging décor or accessing HVAC ductwork. EcoLifts are power-free and have no oil, batteries or hydraulics, making them an eco-friendly, non-disruptive solution for sensitive environments.

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EcoLift Provides an Eco-Friendly Solution for Customers Looking for a Safe and More Efficient Alternative to Ladders and Scaffolding

The JLG® EcoLiftM series offers a unique, cost-effective, and more productive alternative to traditional low-level access, such as ladders and scaffolding. The EcoLift series features an innovative, power-free design, thanks to a patented stored power lift/lower system that provides valuable operating capabilities. This helps boost productivity and lower total cost of ownership, as there is no battery to charge (the machine is always ready to use, and the owner saves electricity, eliminates dead battery calls, and saves money by not having to replace batteries). The lift/lower mechanism is easy to use and gives operators the confidence to tackle low-level tasks, while allowing for trouble-free, 24/7 use.

Made of construction-grade materials, rental-ready EcoLifts offer unlimited lift cycles, contributing to increased productivity. No setup time is required, and a sturdy base and automatic locking wheels let operators work confidently with both hands. Routine maintenance requirements are minimal, as owners do not need to replace hydraulic oil. The EcoLift series is robust and durable (steel frames, steel mast, steel rails, aluminum deck), helping minimize repair costs.

Additionally, the EcoLift series operates with no oil, batteries, or hydraulics, making them a clean, eco-friendly, and non-disruptive solution for use in sensitive environments/applications. The EcoLift series is ideally suited for mechanical, electrical and HVAC contractors, drywallers, carpenters, and painters. Operation is virtually silent, making the lifts ideally suited for noise-sensitive environments, such as facility maintenance, cleaning, painting, and decorating in offices, schools, libraries, hospitals, and other institutional buildings. The lifts’ lightweight design makes it easy to push around jobsites and facilities. Both models (the EcoLift 50 and EcoLift 70) are rated for 330 pounds of platform capacity, leaving room for materials and tools to boost productivity, making them preferred pieces of equipment for finish work.

The EcoLift series is in high demand for the productivity and value it delivers to facility managers and end-users seeking low-level access options. The EcoLift series improves productivity, through innovative features that make it an excellent value for owners.

The EcoLift 50 features a platform height of 4 feet 11 inches and working height of 10 feet 11 inches. Meanwhile, the EcoLift 70 offers a platform height of 7 feet 3 inches and working height of 13 feet 3 inches. Measuring just under 28 inches in width, the lifts easily roll through standard doorways on caster wheels and maneuver around all areas of a facility.


  1. I think these JLG EcoLifts are really awesome and useful! I am sure they help a lot in construction! If I were to ever start a construction business, I would definitely want a JLG EcoLift! They seem a lot more efficient than ladders.

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