JLG’s ClearSky Fleet Management Tool

The telematics platform is available as a factory-installed option or after market retrofit

ClearSky™ from JLG® Industries, Inc., an Oshkosh Corporation company, is a fleet management telematics solution. It combines multi-year service plans and several hardware choices providing equipment owners and operators flexible options for access to critical engine and equipment operational data.

ClearSky is the simplest way for users to manage and maintain their fleet. This telematics platform gives users actionable data and reports to make informed decisions about equipment. It takes the guesswork out of fleet tracking, so users can anticipate problems and maximize productivity.

Data points, including location, engine hours, usage, fuel and battery levels, and maintenance schedules, are conveniently available in real-time and accessible from desktop or mobile devices. The dashboard, settings, and a library of widgets can be edited and prioritized according to user preference. The fleet management system also monitors fault codes and other critical alerts, which can be sent via text and e-mail.

There are two types of service plans available for ClearSky: Data Only and Data and Portal. Between these two plans, users have the flexibility to integrate ClearSky telematics into an existing system or take advantage of JLG’s user-friendly portal to view machine information.

With the Data Only Plan, a user’s IT team and the ClearSky team will work together to develop an API connection that delivers raw data directly to an existing business system. This secure connection allows seamless download of the latest machine information into a user’s ERP (enterprise resource planning) system, SAP system, or other rental software. Users get all the benefits of ClearSky fleet data without having to learn new software or re-train employees.

With the Data and Portal Plan a user’s machine data is aggregated into JLG’s portal. The ClearSky portal comes with a default dashboard that shows all the basic data needed, with the option to create a customized dashboard. Users see only the data points they care about on their desktop, tablet, or mobile device.

ClearSky offers factory-installed and retrofit telematics solutions for most JLG products. There are three types of hardware available: ClearSky Locate, ClearSky CAN, and ClearSky Dual CAN. Both the Data Only and Data and Portal plans are available regardless of the hardware installed on a user’s machines, and users can choose a three or five year plan depending on needs.

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ClearSky Locate is a self-contained solution for equipment location, battery level, and enhanced security. This plug-and-play module includes external antenna, internal battery, internal antenna, and harness. ClearSky CAN and ClearSky Dual CAN use an internal battery to provide location data and set up geofences for nearly anything. CAN bus data access provides the most complete machine and engine information.

With ClearSky, data is transmitted securely from anywhere in the world using cellular technology or satellite communications, depending upon the device installed to suit the geographic location of the asset. All fleet management transmissions are routed through a secure data center to a user’s business system or through a user-friendly web interface available on desktops and mobile devices.

Using ClearSky users can keep up-to-date on routine maintenance and limit time lost due to low batteries and unexpected failures; know when, where, and how equipment is used to maximize fleet utilization rates; and set up geofences and time fences to protect fleet and save time by always knowing the location of equipment.

“We developed ClearSky based on customer feedback in order to provide more focused, meaningful data delivered in a cost-effective solution,” said Jonathan Dawley, global vice president, aftermarket at JLG. “The new, more intuitive system makes it easy for them to use the data to proactively manage and maintain their fleets. As a result, ClearSky lets users enjoy the benefits of improved fleet performance and productivity, increased equipment uptime, enhanced fleet security and visibility, and reduced cost of ownership.”

ClearSky is offered as a factory-installed option for new JLG machines or as an aftermarket installation kit to retrofit JLG products in the field. JLG developed the fleet management solution in partnership with ORBCOMM Inc., a global provider of machine-to-machine (M2M) and Internet of things (IoT) solutions.

“ORBCOMM stood out among all other telematics systems for their proven expertise in servicing large heavy equipment OEMs and providing the flexibility, scalability, and resources needed to support the global deployment of their solutions across JLG’s customer base,” said Dawley. “We look forward to partnering with ORBCOMM to develop the next generation of telematic solutions and help define the way our customers use them in the construction and equipment rental industries.”