JLL, GoSpace AI Team Up To Deliver Occupancy Management Solution

New solution will provide AI-powered software to drive dynamic resource and space allocations through intelligent, automatic seating assignment methods

JLL and GoSpace AI are joining forces to transform how occupancy is supported in the post-pandemic, hybrid workplace.

JLL’s innovative technologies and industry-leading workplace solutions, coupled with GoSpace’s Artificially Intelligent Dynamic Resource Allocation engine (AIDRA™), create a dynamic occupancy planning and management offering featuring advanced space optimization capability. The new offering is part of JLL’s end-to-end product suite that enables agile, experience-centric workplace planning and management.

occupancy management“We’re excited to have JLL as our primary sales and delivery partner for medium and large enterprises, combining GoSpace AI capabilities with JLL’s industry-leading occupancy planning and management solutions, to tackle the challenges occupancy planners face in today’s continuously shifting environment,” said Bruce Davison, CEO of GoSpace AI.

JLL’s innovative micro supply demand methodology leverages AIDRA™ to expand and contract office and footprint needs on a real-time basis, with an integrated view on the demand for space. The combination of several JLL technologies with AIDRA will activate dynamic zones, rather than static space assignments, an approach which grows or shrinks based on the ever-changing number of occupants coming into the physical workplace.

Once fully implemented, for single locations or an entire portfolio, the solution will integrate a dynamic employee-facing reservation management capability that will help them request space assignments that can vary daily. This enables employees to collaborate effortlessly with colleagues and allows occupancy planners to manage the number of people in an area. It will also capture accurate utilization data in a non-capital-intensive manner to identify space optimization, maintenance and energy cost saving opportunities. This program will be executed through three key digital components: utilizing AI-harvested data; running daily simulations to manage dynamic zones; and presenting smart space reservations autonomously.

“The output of AIDRA, coupled with JLL’s current occupancy platform, will be a highly optimized space driven by the confluence of efficiency and effectiveness,” said Daniel Kirschner, JLL’s Global Lead for Portfolio Products. “This integration sets up the framework to enable our clients to migrate from static location management to a next-generation, ‘always-on’ portfolio solution, enabling smarter real estate decision-making,” he added.

“The pandemic has accelerated the demand for enhanced technology solutions in the workplace,” said Cynthia Kantor, Chief Product Officer, JLL Corporate Solutions. “By staying agile in the ever-evolving, post-pandemic environment, we can reimagine a workplace that enhances human performance, improves space utilization and remains resilient.”

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