Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital Unveils $166M Expansion

The 30-year-old children’s facility added four floors to its Hollywood location to meet the demand for specialized services.


hospital design
Photo provided by Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital

Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital expanded its Hollywood location from four to eight floors, growing from 180,000 sq. ft. to nearly 400,000 sq. ft. In keeping with the hospital’s theme, Power of Play, the new floors—five through eight—are themed as: Imagine, Rhythm, Adventure and Grow, respectively.

The hospital’s growth allows Memorial Healthcare System to meet the demand for specialized services with new surgical capabilities, treatments, and patient/family programs added to its mix of already established offerings.

Since its inception in 1992, Joe DiMaggio Children has grown from admitting 2,000 patients to now managing over more than 375,000 patient encounters annually. Its service area has stretched considerably, with patients seeking care from across the United States and the Caribbean. The hospital’s Pediatric Transport Team now transports almost 2,000 children in need of specialty care annually from other hospitals.

New Specialized Services

A rendering of a patient room. (Provided By Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital)

For the first time in its history, the hospital will offer a neurosurgical operating suite with intraoperative magnetic resonance imaging (IMRI), a cutting-edge technology that offers real time magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) in a surgical environment. This IMRI technology is primarily used in neurosurgical procedures including tumor removals or placing implants during epilepsy surgeries with pinpoint precision. The MRI is a 3 Tesla strength magnet that is specialized for brain imaging. When clinically needed, the 20,000-pound MRI moves from the scan room into the neurosurgical operating suite along a ceiling-mounted transport system.

The hospital is also introducing a comprehensive cardiac care floor to optimize safety and quality, improve clinical outcomes, and enhance the patient and family experience. The new 6th floor is designed to bring together complex procedures and specialized services in one location to minimize moving cardiac patients. The Helene and Stephen Weicholz Pediatric Cardiovascular Intensive Care Unit (CVICU) will house 20 cardiac ICU beds, a preoperative and recovery care area, and four state-of-the-art cardiac procedural suites with The Frederick A. DeLuca Foundation Cardiac Hybrid Operating Room, a hybrid operating room to perform cardiac catheterizations, electrophysiology (EP), interventional radiology (IR), and cardiothoracic open-heart surgeries.

On the 5th floor, the new Inpatient Rehabilitation Gym will feature several therapeutic rooms, a sensory room, a Virtual Reality treadmill, a Bioness Vector Gait & Safety System to provide additional support and safety when moving around the room, and access to the outdoor Hope Terrace, where patients can expand their inpatient rehabilitation journey to the outdoors. The inpatient rehabilitation nursing unit will consist of six large private rooms that will provide families with plenty of space during their admission. The expansion will allow the medical team to treat patients with more complex diagnoses who will benefit from an inpatient rehabilitation stay.

hospital design
A playroom inside the hospital. (Provided by Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital)

The expansion makes room for:

• Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital Medical Staff Simulation Lab
• Patient classroom for ongoing education provided by Broward County Public Schools
• State-of-the-art private patient rooms designed with feedback from families about how they would best utilize the space
• General pediatric ICU
• Additional surgical and interventional radiology suites
• Dedicated pediatric pharmacy with patient safety innovations, including using DoseEdge to automate preparation, tracking and reporting of IV solutions and oral medications
• Center for Complex Care, an alliance with Boston Children’s Hospital
• Playrooms and family lounges on each of the new floors including the Family Lounge on the 7th floor.

The expansion project is a $166 million investment, with nearly a third of that amount being generated through community philanthropy. “Catch the Love,” a capital campaign undertaken by the Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital Foundation that set a fundraising goal of $56 million, has been well received by many that understand the importance of having an advanced children’s hospital close to home.

hospital design
A family dining area rendering. (Provided by Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital)

Additionally, the eighth floor is home to the nation’s 14th Garth Brooks Teammates for Kids Child Life Zone. The area features a daily itinerary of activities and exhibits for kids of all ages, expressive, and therapeutic play areas, production space for in-house Joe D. TV, and open places to host yoga, music, art, and special events. It houses the Health and Wellness Teaching Kitchen and the City Furniture Family Lounge, where families can relax with their children in a safe environment that enables them to leave behind, at least temporarily, their hospital rooms. They can also enjoy that opportunity at the Lollipop Theater.

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