Johnson Controls and BASF Extend Facility Management Partnership

Johnson Controls Global WorkPlace Solutions (GWS has extended its partnership with chemical company BASF to provide technical facilities management and relocation services for another four years.

The range of services includes the maintenance of about 140 buildings at BASF’s Ludwigshafen headquarters as well as at the company’s agricultural research site in Limburgerhof. The area of the buildings managed by Johnson Controls GWS at Ludwigshafen totals more than 400,000 square meters and houses about 8,000 employees.

“By offering high quality facilities services that include safety standards, and environmental and risk management, Johnson Controls will ensure that the laboratories, offices, workshops, and warehouses we manage are safe working environments,” said Ernst Kreuzer, BASF manager with responsibility for the Johnson Controls GWS relationship.

“The highly technical nature of the work at BASF makes facility management and safety imperative,” said Klaus Göthling, Johnson Controls GWS customer account lead for BASF. “This extension will enable us to continue to support the important work BASF is performing in these facilities for customers and partners throughout the world.”

Johnson Controls GWS has provided services to BASF in conjunction with consortium partner, Lieblang Cosmos, for more than six years. In 2008, the Johnson Controls GWS and Lieblang Cosmos consortium received BASF’s Best Contractor award. Under the new agreement, Lieblang Cosmos will continue to provide infrastructure services, such as general cleaning, in the buildings that are managed by Johnson Controls GWS.