Johnson Controls’ AquaMist Fire Protection

The fire suppression systems help protect sensitive, mission-critical applications 
using technology that produces trillions of water droplets in a mist form while reducing water consumption

The AquaMist product line from Johnson Controls is designed to safeguard locations with complex fire protection needs with a water mist fire suppression system. It includes the AquaMist Ultra Low Flow (ULF) and AquaMist SONIC solutions to help protect people and property against a wide variety of fire protection

AquaMist water mist solutions reduce the amount of water required for fire suppression compared to standard water-based fire protection systems. It provides firefighting capability on Class A (furniture, paper, and cables), Class B (lubricant or fuel), and Class K (cooking oil) fires. AquaMist works by producing a fine water mist, which is designed to cool the surrounding area—limiting the spread of fire—while helping to control active fires and preventing re-ignition.

“Our customers in the U.S. now have access to an approved water mist fire suppression system that reduces water consumption while helping to protect a number of different environments, such as data centers, heritage buildings, machinery spaces, schools, hotels, and offices,” said Allen Bunner, Business Development Manager, Fire Suppression Products at Johnson Controls. “It is truly remarkable to see this system in action and we’re eager to show off how effective the AquaMist water mist solution can be for our customers.”

The AquaMist ULF is a complete designed solution including pumps, valves, discharge nozzles, pipes, and fittings that are all designed to function as one dedicated fire protection system. It operates at working pressures 75 psi 250 psi (7.6 to 17.2 bar), producing droplets of water through a range of nozzles that are specially engineered and approved for a variety of fire hazards.

The AquaMist ULF also uses less water than a traditional fire sprinkler system, translating into lower pressure losses and smaller diameter pipes. As the system uses only water without additives, it also produces no adverse environmental impact and is suited for applications in data centers, industrial fryer protection, and machinery spaces.

The AquaMist SONIC hybrid solution operates at less than 125 psi (8.6 bar) to produce the smallest droplet sizes of any water mist system, proving that high pressure isn’t always needed. The AquaMist SONIC hybrid (water-nitrogen) technology also has sidewall atomizers available for highly obstructed turbine enclosures. The fire protection system is safe for people and the environment and is cost effective to recharge. Two supersonic atomizers dispel superfine droplets of water that can cover the equivalent surface area of an Olympic-sized soccer field in one minute. The atomizers propel the droplets at high velocity throughout the combustion zone, providing rapid fire suppression.

The AquaMist SONIC is constructed of industry-proven components, including an ASME/TPED-approved steel water tank. The system is capable of automatic detection and actuation and/or remote manual actuation. The twin-fluid technology is also safe for people and is environmentally friendly. The AquaMist SONIC is suitable for machinery spaces and turbines.

All AquaMist systems are engineered for a wide range of fire suppression applications and developed for these particular industries:

  • Data Centers – AquaMist ULF systems are the only FM Approved low-pressure water mist solution for data centers and use up to 80% less water than pre-action sprinkler systems
  • Industrial Fryer Protection (IFP)– AquaMist ULF is FM Approved, offers easy installation and minimal repair and cleaning costs, plus full integration between detection and suppression systems
  • Machinery Spaces– AquaMist ULF and AquaMist SONIC are third-party tested and approved, and suitable for non-sealed enclosures
  • Cable Tunnels– AquaMist ULF offers low water consumption and minimal impact in the protected area
  • Archives – AquaMist systems use less water than existing solutions and rapid extinguishment, preserving the sensitive protected area
  • Commercial (Light Hazard)– AquaMist systems are suitable for hospital, retail, leisure, and hotel applications
  • Offices– AquaMist ULF is FM Approved, helps minimize damages and business interruption, and is designed to reduce space demand and installation costs