Johnson Controls’ Monitoring Station Tracks Room Parameters

The CMS-2000 Central Monitoring Station tracks critical room parameters for up to eight rooms, eight fume hoods, or a combination of both.


CMS-2000 Central Monitoring Station Home Screen
CMS-2000 Central Monitoring Station Home Screen

Johnson Controls released the CMS-2000 Central Monitoring Station, a system that ensures laboratory and healthcare setting safety for occupants by monitoring room pressure, airflow, temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide (CO2) levels, and other critical room parameters. The CMS-2000 Central Monitoring Station provides instant status verification for up to eight rooms, eight fume hoods, or a combination of both. 

The CMS-2000 creates a centralized location to easily access critical information like room pressure, isolation mode, exhaust air flow, face velocity, fume hoods, and alarm status of multiple spaces. If a monitored parameter goes outside its prescribed range, it activates an audible and visual alarm that alerts staff to the alarm condition. The monitoring station also features 360° Safety Halo edge lighting that is easily visible down long corridors as well as a snooze button that can silence an alarm for a set time to reduce audible alarm fatigue.

 The CMS-2000 offers several new features, including:

  • An Innovative User Interface

The CMS-2000 offers an updated user experience with an intuitive, single-screen navigation menu and an easily customizable, 5-inch HD touchscreen display that operates even when wearing rubber gloves. The updated menus feature larger, easier to read status and sensor readings. The interface is available in 18 languages.

  • Improved and Simplified User Guides

A QR code located on the display leads to a tutorial video viewable on a mobile device, supporting frequent staffing rotations and reducing time spent reconfiguring the monitoring station. The newest version also offers improved literature with an added troubleshooting guide.

  • Non-volatile Memory and Password Protection

The CMS-2000 automatically retains user settings in case of a power outage and offers two levels of password protection to prevent unauthorized access.

  • Ability to Create Flexible Facilities Through the Building Automation System (BAS)

The CMS-2000 utilizes BACnet MS/TP for easy installation, commissioning, control, monitoring and data analytics. It seamlessly integrates into Johnson Controls Metasys and third-party building automation systems.

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