Johnson Controls Non-Magnetic Sprinkler for MRI

The TYCO® RFII-MRI 5.6K concealed pendent sprinkler offers standard and extended coverage options

The Tyco RFII-MRI 5.6 K-factor Non-Magnetic Sprinkler from Johnson Controls was developed for use in Magnetic Resonance (MR) system rooms in healthcare environments. This Concealed Pendent sprinkler is acceptable for use under a static magnetic field strength of up to 7-Tesla (measurement of magnetic field strength), more than twice the magnetic strength of standard MRI equipment, which are typically around 3-Tesla.non-magnetic sprinkler

The RFII-MRI sprinkler is available in both standard and extended coverage options. With a quick response extended coverage (QREC) rating of up to 400 square feet (20′ x 20′), the extended coverage model helps protect MRI rooms with up to five fewer sprinklers than the standard coverage option. Both models are concealed in an enclosed escutcheon plate with a flat cover.

“Objects made of magnetic material can be dangerous in medical scanning rooms due to the presence of powerful MRI magnetic fields,” said Bob Cordell, global product manager, Johnson Controls. “This new non-magnetic sprinkler provides a UL and cUL Listed solution that helps keep patients and staff safe.”

non-magnetic sprinklerThe RFII-MRI is offered in two temperature options: a 155°F sprinkler with a 139°F cover plate, and a 200°F sprinkler with a 165°F cover plate. It features an internally threaded closure with ½” of adjustment. Maximum working pressure is 175 psi.

Each sprinkler includes a Cover Plate/Retainer Assembly and a Sprinkler/Support Cup Assembly. This separable two-piece design allows installation of the sprinklers and pressure testing of the fire protection system prior to installation of a suspended ceiling, or application of the finish coating to a fixed ceiling. It also permits the removal of suspended ceiling panels for access to building service equipment without having to first shut down the fire protection system and remove the sprinklers.