Did You Miss Our Webinar? Maintaining Buildings In A Modern Age

View this free video webinar and learn tips for maintaining buildings, so you can take custody of your building knowledge and information.

Maintaining Buildings Maintaining Buildings In A Modern Age:
Take Custody Of Your Building Knowledge And Information


Keeping up with new and existing equipment is a constant challenge. It’s even harder in older buildings that have been renovated, rebuilt, or repurposed over the years. Keeping up with changes is daunting and can easily spiral out of control, so it’s crucial that everyone on the team can maintain everything…even the new person who started last week.

Maintaining an accurate asset inventory (including chillers, air handlers, and cooling towers) is critical – impacting response times, downtime, planning and budgetary decisions about preventative and deferred maintenance. How can you maximize the life of that equipment or plan for future replacements if your information is wrong? And making decisions about replacing or reconditioning equipment is even more difficult with supply chain delays.

In this free video webinar, we address generational equipment maintenance knowledge gaps, and offer tips on:

  • Best practices for ongoing asset database and location management
  • Maintaining equipment that’s “hidden” or difficult to access
  • Building maximum value for FCA’s by maintaining accurate inventory
  • The value of capturing historical renovations over the life of buildings
  • Eliminating construction-to-facilities project closeout delays

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