July/August 2014 (Volume 27, Number 6)

Today’s Facility Manager: July/August 2014july/august 2014 cover

Tricks Of The Trade: Getting Up To Speed And Lighting ROI Discussions

FM Frequency: In-House Sociologist | Fms have to play amateur sociologist and deal with humankind; put on the persona, check emotions at the door, and go reset the circuit breaker.

Technology And FM: Wireless Control For Older Facilities | While not actually “set in stone,” mature buildings can gain a great deal from untethered controls.

Facility Retrofit: Biometric Entry | At the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (UWM) Peck School of the Arts, hand reader systems solved security issues.

Services & Maintenance: Customized Bird Control | From office buildings to schools and other buildings, birds and their droppings create unsanitary conditions and add expense to facility maintenance.

Exterior Security Trends: The Long View | The solution lies in identifying the facility assets and prioritizing what is worth protecting with what level of force and intention.

FM Issue: Testing Emergency Generators | To ensure equipment will perform when needed, load banks should be included in trial runs for power generators.

Plumbing Special Feature: Emergency Shower Selection | As emergency shower product choices continue to evolve, fms and safety managers have better options for optimizing worker protection.

Cool Roofs Special Feature: Reflective Roofs | The use of white roofing materials has proliferated across the United States, but are these materials delivering on their energy efficient promise?

Higher Education Case Study: All About Business | The new L. William Seidman Center at Grand Valley State University (GSVU) achieved LEED Certification with both operations and maintenance in mind.

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