Junction Sensor Monitoring and Alerting Service

A new service to help users control equipment and monitor rooms for water detection, air temperature, and humidity.

Junction, a New York based sensor and analytics company, has developed a proprietary sensor based system that provides sensor monitoring and alerting services for the mechanical spaces of buildings. And to further expand the functionality of their current product offering, they have announced the launch of the JunctionLink wireless sensor.

sensor monitoringJunction builds intelligent predictive technology solutions that ensure customers’ most valuable assets are managed effectively and efficiently. They help increase end user satisfaction and provide ROI for the operating systems found across a wide variety of properties. Junction monitors areas such as boiler rooms, elevator rooms, server rooms, steam rooms, chiller rooms, compactor rooms, and offices.

sensor monitoringJunctionBox™ is an all-in-one sensor device that immediately begins gathering data from its nine commercial grade environmental sensors and reporting that data to the Junction Service in real time. These nine internal sensors address environmental concerns like humidity (reading range of 0% to 100%), smoke, natural gas, carbon monoxide, temperature (reading range of -40°F to 176°F), air quality, light, motion, and sound while two external sensors address contact temperature (measures surface temperature with a reading range of -67°F to 257°F) and floods or leaks.

Junction provides users with a comprehensive dashboard that displays this JunctionBox data as well information from other sensor companies and sources on the Internet. This is accessible online by computer or mobile device. The company manages all the data and delivers alerts via text, e-mail, and automated phone call when conditions are abnormal. Junction integrates data from multiple sources and creates actionable intelligence offering the user recommendations to keep physical conditions in good repair and to lower operating costs. This helps prevent loss from operational catastrophes, improve energy efficiency, effectively utilize staff time, and increase resident satisfaction.

Junction alerts are based on user thresholds customized for each sensor monitoring with set alert times and an alert hierarchy. Alerts are compatible with any mobile device.Sensor Monitoring

JunctionLink, a small, long-range wireless sensor, will integrate with the existing Junction system. Battery powered, it monitors air temperature and humidity and detects floods or leaks. The product allows users to employ Junction to monitor every single HVAC unit and/or plumbing fixture in real-time. There is also an optional external contact temperature sensor and in and out relays for monitoring and controlling third-party equipment. Properties can have an unlimited number of JunctionLinks.

Each JunctionLink reports its battery life and has tamper proof technology to indicate if it has been touched or moved. JunctionLink will be able to control equipment based on rules, sensor data, and inputs from the user based on their external sensor setup.

The all-in-one JunctionLink sensor device can be purchased through a sales representative or the company’s website. Installation is completed using step-by-step directions available online. Connectivity can be through Wi-Fi, Ethernet, or Cellular. Once setup is complete, Junction begins monitoring.

Working prototypes for the JunctionLink are complete and are moving towards an initial production run in early 2017.