Facility Executive: June 2022 Issue

The June 2022 issue focuses on revitalizing workspace with an eye on productivity, emergency preparedness, minimizing security risks, and energy management.

Facility Executive June 2022 Issue (Volume 35, Number 3)

Editor’s Letter: Creating An Adaptable Environment

For many facility management teams, the office is no longer what it once was: the lone home and hub of your workforce. As more companies shift to fully-remote or hybrid work, facility executives have reevaluated how they use office space, and what more can be done to encourage productivity and progress. As you’ll see in the Workplace trends feature, design trends are focused on establishing collaborative spaces, and how to utilize extra real estate in new, innovative ways to incentivize employees to make their return to the office. 

Jennifer GoetzIn addition to workplace design, this issue will focus on a number of strategies for facility managers that address security, safety, and public health. As security concerns continue to grip the nation after a number of mass shootings, see how facility managers can minimize security risks. When natural disasters put lives and buildings at risk, as discussed in the Emergency Preparedness feature, it’s critical that facilities have an actionable disaster plan in place. As society recovers from the impacts of a worldwide pandemic, the need for a consistent, effective cleaning strategy continues to be top-of-mind as discussed in the Services and Maintenance feature.   

Facility executives have to wear many hats—navigating energy management, capital planning, risk assessments, and so much more—and they are the root of a building’s success or failure. Diving into the world of facility management for the first time, I look forward to exploring new solutions and sharing new innovations with you. Please share your stories, challenges, and successes with me at the email below, I look forward to hearing from you!   

Jennifer Goetz




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June 2022 Issue: Contents

June 2022 Issue

Tech And FM: Smart Buildings Get Better Connected | Connecting wireless, battery-free sensors to IT infrastructures makes it easier than ever to learn more about your buildings.

The HVAC Factor: Heading Off Heat Stress |  Keep workers safe and efficient with fans and fabric ductwork.

The Future Of The Cleaning Industry | As we enter a new era, it’s important to analyze your role and reevaluate your cleaning strategy.

Long View On Workplace Design | Hybrid work is here to stay—here’s how facility managers can refresh their office spaces to reflect this new normal.

Understanding The Four Phases Of Emergency Management | How uniform guidelines help facilities and communities manage natural disasters safely and efficiently.

Creating A Highly Sensitive Design | Empathy and compassion were key elements in the design of  a state-of-the-art pediatric facility.

Minimizing Risks In The “Most At-Risk” Building | Risk assessments should be conducted to ensure a space is safe and secure for occupants.

Energy Efficiency And Healthier Facilities | Greener buildings lead to ESG gains, cost cuts, and healthier workplaces.

Gearing Up For Green Transportation | Facility executives should plan now for a future  of electric vehicles.

4 Data-Driven Steps To Support Capital Planning | Streamline facility planning for public agencies with these strategies.

OSHA, Heat Exposure And Worker Safety | Building owners and operators need an effective cooling strategy to protect workers from excessive heat exposure.

Focus On: Lighting | Windows & Skylights | Cleaning | Facility Management Software | Fire Systems & Equipment | Exterior Cladding

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