Facility Executive June 2024 Issue

The June 2024 issue explores flexible workspaces. Plus, emergency preparedness, data center management, equity in the workplace, energy retrofits, and more.

Facility Executive June 2024 Issue (Volume 37, Number 3)

Editor’s Letter: The Slow, But Steady, Return To Office

Jennifer GoetzIn 2024, companies like UPS and Boeing called employees back to the office full-time, following in the footsteps of Google, JP Morgan Chase, Apple, and Amazon. However, many organizations are still open to hybrid or remote working schedules. Within this flexible setup, some companies are taking steps to create more structure for employees. For instance, IBM is requiring that managers must move near company buildings and report to the office at least three days a week, or they’ll forfeit their jobs.

Whether facility executives have employees working in-person full- or part-time, safe and clean workspaces have to be maintained for employee wellness and productivity. This issue explores the psychology of workplace design and how to create dynamic spaces that cater to different personality types. It also highlights the importance of nurturing equity in the workplace.

In addition to cultivating welcoming and dynamic workplace environments, facility executives have to ensure their spaces are as safe as possible. This issue covers trends in emergency management communication and resilient building design, including how emergency management centers are built to be the “last building standing” when a disaster strikes.

Keeping employees healthy, safe, and happy in your buildings will encourage them to return to the office more frequently. For some employees, getting back to the office is a return to get getting out of the house and into a steady routine, and feeling more connected — they may appreciate it more than they realize.

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June 2024 Issue: Features

Facility Executive June 2024 issue
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Tech And FM: Addressing Partial Occupancy Challenges | Access control solutions can help commercial facility executives turn the tide on partial occupancy and meet sustainability goals.

The HVAC Factor: Protecting Indoor Air From Outside Pollutants | A project lead from ASHRAE IL shares how climate change will continue to impact air quality.

Addressing Everyday Challenges In Office Management | See how computer-aided facility management software is used to tackle obstacles in office management.

Trends 1: Preparing For Threats Against The Clock | Emergency preparedness is challenging for any business, but having the right tools can make a difference.

Trends 2: Preparing For Disaster: Designing The Last Building Standing | How mission-critical facilities are designed to be the most resilient buildings.

FM Issue: The Psychology Of Workplace Design | The perils of open-plan offices and hot-desking.

Nurturing Equity In The Workplace | Cultural humility and belonging in the workplace revolve around fostering transparency, self-awareness, and dismantling hierarchical structures.

Data Center Operations In 2024 | Avoid outages by identifying deficiencies and mitigating risks.

Lighting The Ways To Cost Savings | A variety of energy- and cost-efficient lighting solutions are available for commercial buildings.

Parking Lot Maintenance: Best Practices For Water Damage Prevention | A water prevention plan for any parking lot should include a regular pavement maintenance schedule.

Redefining FM In Healthcare And Senior Living Facilities | Healthcare and senior living facilities are grappling with the impact of several macro-economic factors.

Supporting Skilled Trades With Technology | Explore the transformative power of digital tools and trainings for skilled trades.

The Built Environment And Energy Retrofits | Many green energy retrofits are prompted by incentives and sustainability goals.

Product Focus| Green Roofs and Natural Features, Cleaning, Workspaces

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