June 30, 2006: New York City safety deadline

The New York City Department of Buildings recently issued its Reference Standard RS 6-1 and RS 6-1A in relation to photoluminescent exit path markings. By June 30, 2006, all Type E commercial hi-rise buildings of eight or more stories must comply with rigorous specifications concerning installation of photoluminescent markings to aid in evacuation in the event of failure of both the power and back-up power to lighting and illuminated exit signs, as per Local Law 26 of 2004 in order to maintain their Certificate of Occupancy.

Randall Weis, president of RD Weis Companies, a full-service flooring contractor scrutinized the new standards and then studied the market in order to evaluate which product line would satisfy, and even exceed, these standards. The outcome? RD Weis now offers a safety egress system.

The line consists of a newly developed phosphorescent pigment based on Strontium Oxide Aluminate chemistry. In contrast to the conventional phosphorescent pigments based on Zinc Sulfide, RD Weis’ products have an afterglow period of 10 times these conventional ones. In addition, their initial afterglow brightness is up to 10 times that of other photoluminescent pigments.

These qualities, coupled with the product’s durability, slip resistance, resilience to high foot traffic, ability to withstand outdoor weather conditions and moisture resistance, produce a solution that fully satisfies Reference Standard RS 6-1 and AC169. Every step, landing, corridor, ramp, change of direction and doorway can be highlighted and easily identified. The result: acceleration of egress speed; minimization of the chance of panic; and assurance of getting occupants out of the building safely.

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