Kaon Interactive Offers Free COVID-19 Space Planning Tool

The free, interactive tool for COVID-19 space planning uses 3D technology to visualize floorplan configurations and safe distancing guidelines.

As businesses begin to make adaptations in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, including requiring six feet of distance, more than six in 10 (62%) are concerned about the risks the virus poses to their employees and customers, according to a recent U.S. Chamber of Commerce survey. Current space planning methods include manual (paper) approaches, tape measures, and paid software. However, due to the rapid evolution of guidelines for reopening restaurants, bars, gyms, offices, schools, etc., facility managers need a more agile tool that allows them to adapt quickly to new and evolving guidelines and government requirements.

With this in mind, Kaon Interactive has launched a free COVID-19 Space Planning Tool that uses 3D technology to visualize floorplan configurations and safe distancing guidelines.

space planning

In just minutes, the web-based Kaon COVID-19 Space Planning Tool enables users to configure their space by free-drawing a layout that meets their specific business needs. Once a floorplan has been created, furnishings may be added from a library of objects, using a simple drag-and-drop action. Users can then visualize measurement parameters to aid with social distancing. These 2D floor plans instantly become 3D interactive experiences at the touch of a button.

space planning

This space planning tool also helps demonstrate future layout evolutions by supporting comparisons between existing and new space layouts, allowing users to easily scale capacity up or down. Floorplans can then be saved and shared with multiple constituents to review.

“This is the kind of crisis that results in a significant impact to many sectors of the economy,” said Gavin Finn, CEO & President at Kaon Interactive. “By providing this advanced space planning technology to businesses and organizations at no cost, we believe that we are doing our small part to help the broader economy recover as fast as possible. We hope to harness the power of our technology platform to enable organizations around the world to make operational decisions that are designed to keep their patrons and customers as safe as possible.”

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