Kerto LVL Engineered Wood by Metsä Wood

Lightweight laminated veneer lumber suitable for new buildings, renovations, and repairs.

Kerto® LVL (laminated veneer lumber) from Metsä Wood is a state-of-the-art lightweight engineered wood product. Used in all types of construction projects, it provides the looks and easy workability of natural solid sawn lumber while eliminating weaknesses like knotholes, warping, and cupping. Application uses include beams, joists, headers, rafters, mobile/modular applications, scaffold plank, staging, bleacher seats, cross arms, ladder rails, and truss chord material.engineered wood

Kerto LVL is strong and dimensionally stable for new buildings and renovation and repairs. The veneers are laminated with the grain oriented to the long direction of the billet, so it is suitable where long spans are needed. Kerto LVL offers consistent uniformity, good acoustical performance, and fire resistance.

Kerto LVL is available with WeatherGuard moisture protection treatment. WeatherGuard is a special surface treatment which makes the surfaces of Kerto LVL hydrophobic and provides temporary protection against rain during the construction period. The treatment does not affect the mechanical properties of the product and does not contain any biocides.

The Kerto LVL engineered wood product is manufactured in Finland of 3mm spruce veneers from forests managed under the Finnish Forest Certification System. These rotary-peeled softwood veneers are glued together to form a continuous sheet. The sheet is cut to length and sawn into beams, planks, or panels in custom sizes. The forestry is audited by the Bureau Veritas Quality International (BVQI) according to the ISO14001 environmental standard and the ISO 9001 quality standard. The wood is procured according to the Pan-European Forest Certification (PEFC) standard. Kerto LVL also has U.S. Building Code Approvals in place, including ESR-3633 and TER 0812.

Kerto-S LVL beams for truss chords are high strength for longer spans and fewer girder plies with laminated veneer lumber. They have grains that run longitudinally through all the layers. The finished panel is crosscut and rip-sawn to order. Kerto-S LVL is normally supplied in the form of straight beams but can also be specially cut and shaped as required.

engineered woodKerto-S LVL engineered wood beams are suitable for all roof shapes, also performing well as joists and lintels, in trussed constructions and frames. It is also a widely used material in the manufacture of prefabricated components and as a support beam for trailer floors and walls. Further, its light weight is an advantage in repair and renovation work. Kerto-S erection and installation can be carried out by fitters, without heavy hoisting machinery (even in confined spaces). In addition, it can be coated to blend in with the rest of the architecture.

Kerto-S LVL truss chords are available in widths from 5½” to 16″ and in lengths from 8′ to 48′ in 2′ increments and in all standard I-joist depths to match floor elevations. They can be combined with 1¾” beam header orders and are compatible with standard hanger sizes. Kerto-S LVL truss chords may be used for plate-connected trusses that require high strength tension members. They provide predictable high strength and deflection performance because during manufacture the veneers are graded and sorted for stiffness, then laminated in a carefully controlled pattern that ensures strength and a high degree of uniformity.

The Kerto-Q LVL panel is a second-generation, cross-laminated engineered wood product well suited to applications where high shear strengths are a necessity. One-fifth of the veneers are glued crosswise, improving lateral bending strength and stiffness. Moisture levels are more uniform with cross-banded veneers. Kerto-Q LVL is a popular material for floor systems and wall and roof panels because it stabilizes the entire structure. A good fire resistance is achieved with a properly chosen thickness.

The functionality and versatility of Kerto-Q LVL panels allows it to be used as beams, panels, stair stringers, boat transom, and stringers. Acoustical qualities make it suitable for large special structures such as theaters and concert halls. Kerto-Q LVL is load-bearing and bracing for demanding structures. It can be used in Kerto-Ripa elements that enable stiff and high-quality floor and roof structures. The elements can be equipped with holes for HVAC equipment, and the load-bearing capacity is not reduced significantly.

Kerto-Q LVL panels are manufactured with colorless glue in the scarf joint on the top face and either or both faces can be sanded upon request. Lengths range from 8′ to 60′, thickness from ¾” to 3½”, and widths from 35/8″ to 24″.