KETOS Updates Smart Water Intelligence Platform

Simplify data analysis, controls, and forecasting with data interoperability, automated reporting, alerts, machine learning algorithms, and predictive analytics

Addressing global water management issues, KETOS, Inc., a water intelligence company, announced enhancements to its cloud-based KETOS Smart Water Intelligence Platform. Key updates include improved user experience and workflow management, greater flexibility to configure customer-specific instances, scalability to support larger concurrent user numbers, the ability to handle larger data sets, and more sophisticated analytics and reporting capabilities.Water Intelligence

KETOS is an EPA-compliant, vertically integrated water intelligence platform with intelligent hardware, bi-directional connectivity infrastructure, interactive software, and services, all for a flat service fee. Because the KETOS solution is fully integrated, it automates water quality testing (measuring over 25 water quality parameters), leak detection, threshold-based alerts, and real-time reporting with parts per billion (ppb) specificity and industry-standard lab accuracy. Data collected can be instantly identified, and alert users of water quality and water usage issues. These actionable insights and alerts can configured and customized based on an organization’s specific requirements.

“Our latest update will empower users to make impactful decisions faster regarding the quality of water. Customers will experience improved ease of use, including simplified data, increased reporting, and analytics, as well as further security features,” said Meena Sankaran, CEO & Founder of KETOS. “Providing real-time water intelligence is imperative to solving some of the world’s greatest water challenges and protecting generations to come.”

KETOS Smart Water Analytics enhancements support operational stability and business continuity efforts across its customers, offering predictive maintenance with zero labor hours required for water operators. Users now have access to improved graphical view enhancements, instant notifications, enhanced calendar-based test scheduling, push mobile notifications, and more.

Additional updates include:

  • Vertical-focused analytics, including reporting comparisons and correlation between parameters;
  • Improved flexibility and overall user experience; and
  • 24/7 remote support.

“We are continually enhancing features of our platform with active feedback to help water operators accelerate insights, reduce costs, and demonstrate real ROI from day one,” said Jeeth Sellamuthu, Head of Software Development at KETOS. “We look forward to enabling our customers to make data-driven decisions that support their water quality operations and sustainability efforts.”


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