Kisi Access Control Integrates With Google Apps

The manufacturer of physical access control systems offers customers the ability to integrate this security with their facilities' Google Directory and Google Calendar information.

Kisi Inc., a New York City-based manufacturer of end-to-end physical access control systems, has introduced Google Apps integration, which provides beneficial access to Google Directory and Google Calendar for facility and security administrators. Founded in 2012, Kisi has been installed in hundreds of modern offices and coworking spaces globally. They work with facility operators, IT managers, and security professionals to implement the company’s solutions.

The new integration capability from Kisi allows organizations to control their facility occupants’ physical access credentials through their Google Apps Directory. The Google Calendar integration allows to control door unlock times remotely and in real time.

The Google Directory Integration allows administrators to provide facility access via their phones. To set up the integration, any organization using Google Apps can begin synchronizing their office keys on employee’s mobile phones.

“With the Kisi & Google Directory integration, our vision of integrating door access into the IT stack is becoming a step closer to reality,” said Carl Pfeiffer, CTO at Kisi. “It not only allows for a better experience of both administrators and key holders. It also extends automated on-and offboarding for employees. Other digital tools such as Google Apps, or Salesforce allows that out of the box and now the physical office environment does, too.”

Meanwhile, the Google Calendar Integration provides facility management and other stakeholders the ability to integrate their Kisi security system with events and even unusual operating hours in their facilities. As July 4th and other summer holidays approach, security during unoccupied or low occupancy days is often a concern. Using the Kisi and Google Calendar Integration, office administrators can control the doors status remotely.

“In the past someone would have to change the physical door timer to not unlock the door next day,” explains Maximilian Schuetz, Co-Founder at Kisi. “That included sprinting over to the office on a Sunday to change the local door timer. The office manager can now control the doors during all those holiday or weather conditioned office closes from remote. It even allows for changing and updating plans the same way as changing a meeting invite.”

To set up the integration of Kisi with the Google Calendar integration, administrators create a Google calendar and set up the integration. No additional hardware to regular Kisi devices is needed.