Landscape Forms Creates New Gunnar Outdoor Lighting System

Performance meets versatility with this outdoor lighting system that can be customized for all architectural styles.

Landscape Forms, along with Urbidermis Santa & Cole, introduced Gunnar, an adaptable architectural lighting system that enhances outdoor environments with precise, context-specific illumination and cohesive, minimalist aesthetics.

Gunnar’s aesthetic touches on both the traditional and the contemporary to complement a variety of architectural styles. The lighting system provides a single, cohesive solution to a site’s every lighting need.

The lighting system’s approach centers around Gunnar’s floodlight projector, a robust LED luminaire whose fluted housing brings to mind the columns of classical and neoclassical architectural movements. As this aesthetic is applied across Gunnar’s variety of mounting styles and as its performance is tailored through Gunnar’s variety of accessories, distributions, outputs, and color temperatures, the system becomes a simple and cohesive way to achieve myriad lighting needs. Gunnar can simultaneously highlight a feature in one direction and provide light to ensure pedestrian safety in the other.

Gunnar outdoor lighting has an extruded aluminum body construction with tempered glass diffuser lens and a threaded weatherproof cord grip. Housing features polymer sealing gasket as well as stainless steel screws.

Wall-mounted, catenary, or pole-mounted in a variety of heights with up to six projectors per single pole, Gunnar provides layered, multifunctional lighting in any environment. Further customizability through adjustable mounting arms, different symmetric and asymmetric distributions, different outputs, 3000K and 4000K color temperatures, and diffuser screen accessories precisely ensures the right quantity and quality of light for the right context — throughout green spaces, highlighting art and architectural details, along plazas, walkways, and promenades, and on building entryways and façades.

Urbidermis Santa & Cole guarantees the composition and performance features of all material that shape the product for a period of three years. Electrical components including LED boards and electronic drivers are guaranteed for a period of five years. Gunnar ships prewired and fully assembled.

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