Landscape Forms Introduces The Outline Family Of Urban Lighting

Landscape Forms has launched the Outline family of column lights, path lights and bollards, designed to enhance urban environments.

Outline Family of Urban Lighting ElementsLandscape Forms has launched the Outline family of column lights, path lights and bollards. A modern reinterpretation of the familiar column luminaire, Outline is designed to bring greater visual interest, performance and more versatility to urban environments. Serving as performance lights, wayfinding elements or architectural details, Outline luminaires remain refined and robust, enhancing high-profile public spaces.

Grouped into sculptural clusters of different heights, defining space throughout parks and public plazas, or lighting the way along pedestrian paths, Outline makes a modern and approachable statement in a meticulously crafted, public space-ready form factor.

The family includes 12’ and 10′ column lights, a 4’ path light and a 4’ unlit bollard. Each features three sculptural arms that emerge seamlessly from the element’s base. When lit, light is cast downward along the arms to create a ground pattern and an interplay between illumination, shadow, object and surroundings.

In the pedestrian-scale column lights, high angle glare is eliminated (G-0), enhancing the safety and visual experience of urban outdoor space. In the path light, directed optic design provides visibility and confidently extends the usability of outdoor space. Each element of the Outline family features a seamless transition between luminaire and ground plane, remaining firmly anchored with no base cover or part lines.

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