Larson Electronics Far-UV Sanitation Portal

The IND-DWG-FUVC-5X-R1-MS-120V-25C stainless steel system features far-UVC 222 nm germicidal excimer lamps that eliminate viruses, bacteria, mold, and spores from surfaces and clothing.

The IND-DWG-FUVC-5X-R1-MS-120V-25C Far-UV Sanitation Portal from Larson Electronics can disinfect 99% of viruses, bacteria, mold, and spores at entry/exit points and in high traffic areas. Made in the U.S., it is designed for standalone applications and consists of five, 40 watt excimer lamps, each offering 40 uW/cm2 UV intensity at 222nm UV wavelength. This lamp is considered to be eye and skin safe (the 222nm UV wavelength cannot penetrate the eyes and skin of humans), making it suitable for applications in occupied areas requiring sanitation.sanitation portal

The sanitation portal lights are ozone-free, have an expected lifespan of 1,000+ hours, and emit a flood beam pattern with 180° of coverage. The instant-start UV lamps are protected by quartz glass and designed for cool operation, efficient at eliminating harmful microbes, viruses, and bacteria at low doses. The remote driver, which operates on 120V and 240V 60Hz, is included with the system.

This system has a passive infrared (PIR) motion sensor that facilitates automated operation. When movement is detected near the portal, such as when a person is approaching or moving towards the unit, the UV lamps are turned on. After activation, the UV lights remain on for a set period of time as UV treatment occurs. Operators can adjust the time setting to suit their sanitation requirements or preferences. The standard time setting is 90 seconds. This PIR sensor is offered in a single-sided or dual-sided configuration.

sanitation portalThe far-UV disinfection portal is made out of 304 stainless steel for corrosion resistance and long-term durability; powder-coated finishes are available for extended, reinforced durability at an additional cost. External dimensions measure 56″ W x 86″ H x 12″ D.

The IND-DWG-FUVC-5X-R1-MS-120V-25C Far-UV Sanitation Portal is equipped with a 25′ cord that is fitted with an industrial grade cord cap for connection to common wall outlets. Sunlight and visible light fixtures do not impact the effectiveness of the disinfecting on this UVC sanitation product. Metal halide, high pressure sodium, fluorescent, and LED light fixtures can be left on. The UV radiation emitted from this product is not disrupted by any type of lighting in the environment (i.e., it does not need to be dark in the area being disinfected).

*Please note: This product produces Far-UV light. Far UV-C light has shown in some studies to be eye-safe and skin-safe, while still effective as a germicidal and sanitation device, making it safe to use continually in occupied areas. Make sure to follow all safety guidelines and protocols found in the user manual.*

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  1. To get a 99% virus kill in the portal someone would need to stand in place and maybe spin around for minutes not just waltz straight through. How is this going to be effective? Please explain.

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