LED High Lumen Wattage & Color Selectable Series

HID replacement series provides flexibility to meet specific lighting needs for a range of environments

The LED High Lumen Wattage & Color Selectable Series from EarthTronics provides flexibility and full radial illumination to ensure correct light levels for internal and external applications. Each lamp in the series delivers 150 lm/W to replace up to a 400-watt HID lamp on a Mogul EX39 base for a wide range of applications, including barns, basements, bathrooms, stairways, storage areas, and security applications.Color Selectable

Available with a 4000K and 5000K color select switch, EarthTronics offers 42 watt and 60 watt, 56 watt and 80 watt, and 70 watt and 100 watt selectable switch units that can be set at the time of installation. The 42/60-watt selectable HID replacement produces 6,300 and 9,000 lumens, while the 56/80-watt selectable unit delivers 8,400 and 12,000 lumens. The 70/100-watt selectable unit provides 10,500 and 15,000 lumens.

The LED High Lumen Wattage & Color Selectable lamps have an 80+ CRI and a 360° beam angle to provide excellent visual acuity. The LEDs are easy to install by removing the ballast from the circuit and wiring direct to the lamp socket, and operates on 120/277VAC. Neither a ballast nor external driver are required.

The new high lumen HID replacement LEDs feature a cooling thermal sensor in the unit that activates during high heat conditions to maintain lamp life. Power to the LED is automatically reduced by up to 20% to cool the product and maintain lamp life. The high lumen LEDs will perform in temperatures from -40°F to 113°F with a 50,000 rated performance life and a five-year warranty.

In addition to the LED High Lumen Wattage & Color Selectable lamps, EarthTronics offers a 45-watt LED High Lumen in 5000K delivering 6,975 lumens to replace 100 watt HID lamps in exterior walls, exterior wall packs, yard lights, post lights, parking lot shoe box fixtures, and other site and security applications. Interior applications include parking garage fixtures and highbay warehouse fixtures applications.

The LED High Lumen Wattage & Color Selectable Series of is DLC, UL/RoHs, FCC approved with an IP64 rating for damp locations.


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