LED T8 Tubes And Drivers By Universal Lighting Technologies

Universal Lighting Technologies, Inc., operated by Panasonic Lighting Americas, has added a LED T8 Tubes with Drivers combination to its EVERLINE LED linear product solution offering. The LED T8 Tubes and Drivers are designed to be a step between the EVERLINE LED replacement T8 Tubes that operate with fluorescent ballasts, and the EVERLINE LED Retrofit Kit.

LED retrofit
LED T8 tubes with drivers by Universal Lighting Technologies

The LED T8 Tubes and Drivers are dimmable and may qualify for local utility rebates that require the retrofitted fixture to include a permanent (external) LED Driver.

LED T8 Tubes and Drivers are combined together with unique bundled part numbers for two-, three-, or four-lamp configurations as well as universal input voltage (120-277V) and 347V.

Each T8 Tube provides 2200 lumens and is available in 3500K, 4000K, and 5000K CCTs. The T8 Tube uses the existing lamp holder, and the driver replaces the existing ballast. The lead wires and connectors are also provided.

“Because lighting is typically 35% or more of the total energy cost in a commercial application, it is natural for customers to gravitate to upgraded efficiency so they can reduce their costs. Replacing older fluorescent technology with newer linear LED technology offers many advantages including energy efficiency, longer lifetime, elimination of mercury, and greater dimming functionality,” said Greg Bennorth, product manager with Universal Lighting Technologies.

Universal’s EVERLINE LED Retrofit Continuum

The bundled LED T8 Tubes and Drivers offer the newest expansion of the lighting company’s EVERLINE LED Retrofit Continuum — a linear solution product line designed to replace existing fluorescent lamp technology.

“With fluorescent lamps dominating the commercial sector and the majority of these lamps installed in recessed troffers, we realized the market needed to offer 
customers a comprehensive LED linear retrofit continuum of products,” stated Bennorth. “We are pleased with the expansion of the line to now offer our customers a ‘Good, Better, Best’ strategy to fit nearly all LED linear applications.”

“The DesignLights Consortium listed EVERLINE T8 Tubes and LED Drivers combination is a good choice if you need dimming options and want to utilize the existing fluorescent fixture rather than replacing it,” said Bennorth. “The Type C Tubes that require an external driver may qualify for rebates where tubes alone may not.”

The EVERLINE Tube and Driver LED upgrade provides for a brand new light engine within the luminaire and is covered with a six-year warranty.

Another recent addition to the company’s EVERLINE family is T8 LED Linear Tubes with high efficiency 12W- and 15W-rated options. Saving 1.5 watts per tube, these linear tubes provide as much as 10% more in energy savings compared to standard EVERLINE T8 LED Linear Tubes.

Compatible with most Instant Start and Programmed Start ballasts, the High Efficiency Tubes are designed to serve as a direct replacement option for conventional linear fluorescent lamps. The Tubes are also compatible with emergency ballasts.