Legrand Adds New Touchless Control Offering

The Wave Switch is a convenient and touchless control designed to turn lights on and off with a simple wave.

Legrand announced the launch of a new Wave® Switch from the radiant collection, extending their innovative touchless technology first made popular by the adorne collection to fit into even more applications and projects.

Perfect for any environment where hands might get dirty, messy, or full, the radiant Wave Switch provides an easy, sleek option for cleaner control in both commercial and residential applications and is now available in both 15-Amp and 20-Amp. Users can avoid touching the switch directly by turning lights, or even small-motored appliances, on and off with just a wave, limiting mess and reducing the potential spread of germs.

The 15A touchless sensor includes a rating of up to 1/2 Horsepower for adding touchless control to small motors. While the 20A consists of a rating of up to 3/4 Horsepower for adding touchless control to small motors.

The Wave Switch features durable construction to withstand rigorous cleaning practices. It has a chemical-resistant and easy-to-clean cover design and high-impact resistant thermoplastic construction.

The Wave Switch installs easily in place of any standard light switch and is usable in both single-pole and 3-way applications. Accepts neutral wire when required by NEC for new construction and works in retrofit applications where a neutral wire may not be available. Ground lead and wire nut provided for easy connection. It also features an adjustable internal sensor to set the motion to best fit a specific user’s needs or preferences. With a preset sensor distance of 4″, this feature is easily adjustable to sense movement from 1″ to 6″ in front of the switch. The sleek radiant collection switch pairs with screwless radiant Wall Plates — available in nine classic colors and metallic finishes — to perfectly coordinate with any décor.

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