Legrand Debuts Commercial Electric Vehicle Charger

Electrical giant teams up with industry-leading electric vehicle charging software company to launch preconfigured, networked charger.

Electric Vehicle ChargerLegrand® expanded into the electrical vehicle charging space with the launch of the Legrand Networked Level 2 Commercial Electrical Vehicle Charger. The commercial EV Charger comes factory-configured with software from leading EV charging provider, AmpUp, offering an effortless installation and charging management experience.

The commercial EV charger provides facility managers and owners with an all-in-one solution suitable for offices, parking garages, multi-unit dwellings, fleets, and more. Because it comes pre-configured with the AmpUp charging solution, customers can access advanced charging management software right out of the box. This integration offers a significant advantage, allowing for faster commissioning and setup, and providing greater insights and control for facility managers.

The 48A (11.5kW) Level 2 networked charger is designed to deliver a fast, safe, and reliable charging experience for EV owners and is equipped with advanced features such as real-time monitoring, remote diagnostics, and customizable settings to meet the needs of different types of EVs, which can all be seamlessly done through the AmpUp application. Facility managers can provide and manage AmpUp subscriptions for drivers who are looking to utilize the chargers at their facilities or make the charging stations available for public use.

The product is user-friendly and efficient for electric vehicle charging in commercial settings. Drivers can initiate charging quickly by tapping an RFID card or scanning a QR code on the unit using the AmpUp EV driver app.

The launch of the EV charger showcases the latest initiative in Legrand’s focus on sustainability within the electrical space. The company is committed to investing in research and development to create new and innovative solutions that enable the transition to a more sustainable future. The integrated Legrand and AmpUp solution is now available to United States customers and is eligible for various state and utility incentive programs.

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