Legrand Reveals Outdoor Rooftop Box

The Outdoor Rooftop Box by Legrand was designed to keep electrical components easily accessible in outdoor spaces.

Outdoor Rooftop BoxLegrand announced its Outdoor Rooftop Box. The Outdoor Rooftop Box provides convenient power access anywhere on a rooftop surface, perfect for parties, small gatherings, or furniture needing access to power. The box includes two 20A duplex weather resistant GFCI outlets, eliminating the need for extension cords along the decking surface, and is designed to seamlessly integrate into raised floor patio systems commonly used on rooftops.

The Outdoor Rooftop Box features a hinged self-closing cover to ensure the electrical receptacles are not exposed to the elements and prevent tripping hazards. Easily expand outside and add power access anywhere on rooftops with the Legrand Outdoor Rooftop Box. It also provides greater flexibility in power distribution on rooftops.

The outdoor box sits flush with the floor and incorporates a slip-resistant surface to prevent safety issues and can be used in any raised floor system with 7” or more of space from top of the floor to the roof surface. The internal outlet box can be rotated upwards to allow for easy access to connections and rotates downwards to provide cord drip loop protection for while-in-use functionality.

The unwired unit allows for 2-gangs of capacity and customers can route cables through egress and close the cover for NEMA 3R protection while in use. Capable of withstanding loads of 1000lbs this box can handle loads from foot traffic, drink carts, or dollies supplying the outdoor area. Its cover is self-closing to prevent users from leaving the electrical receptacles exposed to the elements and open cover tripping hazards.

The Outdoor Rooftop Box is designed to match any space aesthetically and is available in both gray and bl black to match almost any rooftop flooring choice.

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