LENSEC Perspective VMS Physical Security Platform

A scalable video monitoring solution that integrates security technologies at remote locations

Perspective VMS® (PVMS) from LENSEC is an intuitive and scalable physical security platform. This video management software (VMS) streams and captures IP security camera video and incorporates video analytics, access control, and more. It is appropriate for small, single-site deployments; mid-tier security projects; or multi-site locations.physical security platform

PVMS provides a video monitoring solution that integrates security technologies at remote locations. It operates using an HTML 5 platform and can be run as a client version through standard web browsers, including Google Chrome and Microsoft Internet Explorer to provide real-time situational awareness. Video analytics and access control are integrated and available to leverage in a unified security platform creating an ability to track behavior and movement while monitoring live or recorded video from anywhere in the world.

The Perspective VMS physical security platform features:

  • physical security platformArchive Video Management that allows users to locate and playback stored video. It provides functional retrieval for timeline-based recordings. Users can download and share archived video as well as identify events and tagged footage.
  • Live Camera Viewing to give users the ability to monitor live video streams. Users can create sequences of multiple camera views, control PTZ cameras, review recently recorded video, and initiate on demand recording.
  • physical security platformInteractive Map Navigation to provide an at-a-glance geographical overview of the entire enterprise. Users can quickly locate and monitor individual cameras, view live cameras using the camera dock, and navigate multi-layered maps.
  • Reports that provide useful information, including system health diagnostics, camera status, and user login activity. Admins can launch configurable or filtered reports showing system information, user audit trails, and export in several common formats.
  • Training Tutorials to give users a comprehensive overview for the application’s functions and features. This includes step-by-step video guides that are appropriate for beginners, advanced users, or administrators.
  • Administrative access to provide permission-based software and device configuration. Admins control user, camera, and system management functions. Individual users may set their user-defined functions and settings.

The Perspective VMS physical security platform is available in Express, Standard, and Enterprise Editions.

The Enterprise Edition allows an unlimited number of cameras and servers and is suitable for a distributed network requiring advanced features such as Active Directory integration. It can manage data and video streaming from thousands of cameras across multiple sites. Access control and video analytics integrations are included for third party software

The PVMS Express Edition is a scaled down version of the Enterprise Edition. It allows up to 10 cameras and is designed for small projects with a limited scope in a single-site deployment.

The Standard Edition adds many valuable advanced features. It is capable of licensing up to 100 cameras and is for projects with a medium scope. Mid-tier projects which incorporate a few sites and need centralized management at a budget-friendly price point are an ideal fit. Access control integration is included for third party software.