Leviton Expands Sensor Control Offerings

The new Leviton devices with Smart IP66 Rated Fixture Mount Sensors implement code-compliant controls in fixtures.

Leviton introduced an expansion of their integrated in-fixture control offering with Smart Fixture Mount Sensors (FMS) for high bay applications. These in-fixture controls are engineered to install directly into high-bay and low-bay luminaires to provide an integrated occupancy sensing, dimming, daylight harvesting, and scheduling solution to meet the most stringent energy code requirements.

The sensors detect motion and turn lights ON when an occupant passes in or out of a sensor zone. The lights remain ON as long as the occupant moves through the sensor zones and after throughout the timeout period. The sensor uses a minor motion feature to detects small body movements which allows the lights to stay ON when individuals in the space are nearly stationary. The major motion feature exhibits a lesser degree of sensitivity requiring larger movements.

The IP66-rated Smart Fixture Mount Sensors are available in two mounting options, internal and external or end-mount, and are designed for use with switching or 0-10V dimming drivers. Both internal and external mount options are available in 120-277VAC and universal 120-347VAC for single pole applications and 208-480VAC for two-pole applications.

The sensors use PIR detection and advanced optics to provide an exceptional field-of-view. All Smart Fixture Mount Sensors come with a low-mid bay lens for mounting heights 8-20 feet, mid-high bay lens for mounting heights 20-40 feet and aisleway masks for both lenses.

The Smart Fixture Mount Sensors feature multiple daylight modes as well as partial-OFF operation, ideal for installations in which energy code compliance is required. All configurations can be made through the Leviton Smart Sensor App including adjusting sensor sensitivity, timeouts, operating modes, daylighting modes, partial-ON, partial-OFF, scheduling (universal models only) as well as mesh grouping for occupancy, daylighting and scheduling.

The Leviton line of integrated in-fixture controls includes high bay sensors, Smart Fixture Mount Sensors, Solo Sensors, and Intellect Wireless.

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