Leviton Introduces New Data Acquisition Server

New EMHXD Data Acquisition Server delivers a plug-and-play data collection solution for commercial businesses.

Leviton announced the new VerifEye™ EMHXD, an intelligent, flexible data acquisition server (DAS) that collects energy data from meters and environmental sensors through flexible inputs and Modbus RTU/TCP protocols. Designed to connect to IP-based applications such as enterprise energy management, demand response, and smart grid programs, the EMHXD allows users to connect thousands of energy points, benchmark energy usage, and reduce energy costs.

The EMXHD collects data from connected (wired or wireless) devices based on user-selected intervals. Compatible with virtually all front-end software and reporting tools, users can easily access the data through any web browser. Allowing customers to use a variety of reporting tools; whether it’s a local server or an enterprise-wide reporting suite. No software is required. There are several additional features including alarming, SNMP Traps, network configuration, wireless diagnostics, USB, security provisions, and backlit LCD.

The EMHXD delivers an expanded capacity and flexibility to address a broad range of energy management applications. The EMHXD can be leveraged for tenant billing, accessing energy information from local or remote sites, benchmarking building energy usage, and viewing “real-time” performance data.

Additionally, the EMHXD allows the user to accurately track energy use and peak demand for demand response programs, monitor the performance of critical systems, such as lighting, HVAC, PDUs, and inverters, and set alarm notifications for data points above or below target levels.

The compact EMHXD footprint and industrial temperature range -22°F to 158°F makes this a great solution for embedded applications. It reduces development time and speeds up integration by collecting and distributing energy information directly from equipment.

Dual Modbus ports also double the capacity for Modbus devices, and dual Ethernet (LAN) ports provide enhanced security and easy commissioning. The data server is LEED/Energy Star certified.

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