LG Electronics Unveils Owner-Operated AC And DC Charger Line

LG Electronics will enter the U.S. EV charger market in 2024 with its owner-operated AC and DC charger line.


LG Electronics' AC and DC Charger Line
LG Electronics’ AC and DC Charger Line

LG Electronics plans to enter the U.S. electric vehicle charger market in 2024 with the introduction of its line of AC and DC charger line. The AC and DC powered charging stations will include Level 2 and Level 3 EV chargers, with the intention to open opportunities for businesses, municipalities and other public places to support the electrification of America with independently owned and operated charging stations.

Research released earlier this year by Goldman Sachs and IHS Global Insight predicts that EV sales in the United States will jump from 9 percent of total vehicle sales in 2023 to 20 percent in 2025, and 50 percent by 2030. LG knows that the U.S. will need hundreds of thousands of additional Level 2 and Level 3 chargers to support the growing number of EVs on the road, and LG will help individual businesses take part in the market without relying on third-party owner operators and empowering them to set their own rates and ensure enough capacity to meet local demands. 

The Level 2 AC Chargers feature a load management solution and variable current settings enabling 11kW of output power through a standard SAE J1772 connector. It will be designed for simple wall mounting with an optional stand that enables placement anywhere. The Level 3 DC Charger is a stand-type model with a connected Power Bank that provides fast charging up to 175kW through CCS1 and NACS connectors. It will feature a large outdoor LCD touch-screen display that can serve multiple functions for various owners and use cases.

The AC And DC Charger line coming next year will feature LG software to enable integration with other LG infrastructure elements including digital display networks. Some models may offer additional revenue opportunities through included digital displays that can present third-party advertisements.

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