LG Helps Upgrade Lighting

The 480V Step Down Transformer and Battery Scheduling Switch offer enhanced connectivity and more

The 480V Step Down Transformer and Battery Scheduling Switch (pictured) from LG Electronics helps upgrade lighting with greater installation flexibility and expanded connectivity options for commercial and retrofit applications.

upgrade lighting“LG’s 480V Step Down Transformer and Battery Scheduling Switch are optimal choices for commercial building managers seeking upgrades to their existing lighting. Our industry-leading LED solutions provide the perfect alignment of energy efficiency and forward-thinking innovations for today’s lighting professional,” said James Bailey, head of LG’s U.S. LED lighting business.

The 480V Step Down Transformer provides a solution for effective power conversion down to 277V, enabling building owners with three-phase power to use existing wiring to connect with any LG LED lighting fixture. Once commissioned, LG lighting solutions offer a wide selection of control options such as light levels, time-out features, fade rates, and scheduling to upgrade lighting. The lightweight design allows for easy installation and the 480V step down transformer solution is suitable for large indoor spaces such as warehouses, factories, and gymnasiums.

“Our new Battery Scheduling Switch allows retrofit installers to easily upgrade existing switches with better features for a more streamlined experience,” said Bailey. “With an intuitive operation and function, and longer battery life, LG is once again bringing state-of-the-art LED lighting and seamless integration innovations to the market, with this helpful wireless control tool.”

The next-generation LG Battery Scheduling Switch allows users greater control of lighting, with improved scheduling functionality and design for easier operation, and up to 9½ years of use with four AAA batteries. The battery-operated switch can be placed virtually anywhere and offers full wireless control using ZigBee to configure and control fixtures, along with an energy saving set scheduling feature.

Through LG’s wireless commissioning app, the battery powered scheduling switch allows users to toggle between fixtures, grouping them together for such features as dimming, turning them on/off from the switch, and controlling up to 10 events per day. LG’s battery scheduling switch also matches the look of the AC wired switches for a consistency across the project.