LifeSafety Power “Outsmarts” Voltage Application Errors

Now standard across the company’s product line, OutSmart™ Technology minimizes installation errors for access control equipment and peripherals by providing security integrators quick, visual notification of voltages with dual-color LED.

LifeSafety Power is a provider of smart power solutions and remote monitoring capabilities, providing modular AC, DC, and PoE systems to meet the needs of the security and access control industry. The Chicago area-based company delivers intelligence to facility openings and access control specifications through software analytics that assess the security infrastructure’s power status in real time. access control equipment

The company’s technology powers many of the world’s leading access manufacturers and Fortune 500 companies — not with a static hardware device, but with networked power management that lets end-users monitor power for security systems proactively. LifeSafety Power’s intelligent power supplies and integrated enclosures yield increased efficiency, lower total cost of ownership, and gather data on the health and viability of power, battery backup, and critical access control devices.

This week, LifeSafety Power has introduced OutSmart™ Technology, a new product feature designed to provide security integrators with quick, visual notification of voltages with dual-color LEDs. OutSmart minimizes installation errors and the potential for applying incorrect voltages to sensitive access control equipment and peripherals by giving instant verification of the output voltage setting with green (12V) and blue (24V) dual-color LEDs for each output. This new capability speeds installation by eliminating the need to measure every individual output with a voltmeter to confirm its setting.

OutSmart comes standard across the entire LifeSafety Power product line as a free upgrade to power supply boards, auxiliary output boards, and network-managed output boards.