LifeSafety Redesigns Power Supply

FlexPower FPO Generation 2 adds modern power management features and capabilities to the company’s flagship product

The original flagship FlexPower® power supply line from LifeSafety Power has received a comprehensive design update with enhanced features and capabilities. This redesigned FlexPower line, FlexPower FPO Generation 2 (Gen2), brings additional improvements to installers and users in the access control market.power supply

FlexPower Gen2 adds features like OutSmart™ visual voltage indication across all boards, visually showing the technician the output voltage of the power supply boards and each distributed output. Optional RS-485 capability on FPO and M8 devices allow larger managed systems on fewer network drops with the new NIX NetLink™ module. Added data points such as AC input voltage and main output current on the FPO power supply and output cycle counts on the M8 give a better view of overall system health. Refinements like built-in low battery disconnect and battery current sensor lead to cleaner installations.

Other enhancements, including selectable sealed lead acid (SLA) or Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) battery charging, remote main output shutdown on FPO, built-in control relays on NLX, and even deeper E4 and E8 enclosures demonstrate LSP’s commitment to customer needs and continuing to move the power supply forward from static device to an integrated part of the access control ecosystem.

Gen2 distribution boards and NetLink communication modules began rolling out in 2019 and with the release of FPO Gen2 power supplies, the update to the FlexPower product line will be complete. All FlexPower Generation 2 boards are identified by their red color and will replace the original green FlexPower boards across all product lines, including standard power, Unified Power, rackmount, and other products.