LiftMaster CAPXL Access Control System

The Connected Access Portal, High Capacity offers a cloud-based solution to control multiple entry points from a single dashboard

The Connected Access Portal, High Capacity (CAPXL) with LiftMaster Cloud™ from LiftMaster® is a remotely accessible, reliable, and secure access control system. It is a cloud-based solution to control up to four gates or doors and manage multiple communities from a single dashboard.access control system

Whether controlling multiple entrances or multiple properties, the CAPXL with LiftMaster Cloud makes it easy to manage day-to-day operations from anywhere. Users can choose the easiest way to connect CAPXL to voice and LiftMaster Cloud: Wi-Fi, Wired High-Speed, Cellular, or DSL.

Designed to save community managers time while helping to attract and retain residents, the CAPXL offers control, security, and reliability. With remote programming and activity monitoring using LiftMaster Cloud, Community managers can login to the website remotely to make database changes (no dial-up modem or downloads are required) and track and control community access points and create alerts when an entry code is being overused or a suspended user is trying to gain access. The CAPXL with LiftMaster Cloud also features an intuitive interface with a high-definition color touch display (10″, 720p) and customizable backgrounds.

access control systemThe CAPXL with LiftMaster Cloud reduces downtime with customizable e-mail notifications, letting community managers and dealers know if there’s a problem. Local database storage also allows residents to enter even if the Internet is down. For maximum durability, the access control system has a stainless-steel frame designed to withstand both weather and heavy use. It also features crystal-clear call quality and no resident long-distance charges.

“LiftMaster is leading the way in helping community managers convert from analog telephone entry to cloud-based access systems,” said Jackie Lorenty, Vice President and General Manager, Perimeter Access Solutions, LiftMaster. “The CAPXL provides community managers with the most sophisticated and easy-to-use tool to control their community across a number of entry points—all via the LiftMaster Cloud.”

Community managers can expand their access control system with a variety of add-ons like the Connected Access Portal, 2-Door Controller (CAP2D) which allows them to control other doors and gate entry points throughout the property with the LiftMaster Cloud. Additional remote controls, proximity readers, vehicle loop detectors, and elevator controls are also available.

The CAPXL with LiftMaster Cloud features four to eight digit entry codes; four to six digit directory codes; a 50,000 local resident capacity; and a 50,000 local event history. It is compatible with LiftMaster’s full line of gate operators, access control products, and software, allowing for seamless solutions designed to meet the requirements of any property.