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This assortment of lighting fixtures can help you successfully complete your next interior or exterior facility lighting project.

Compiled by the Facility Executive Staff
From the February 2023 Issue

Consider this assortment of lighting fixtures to help you successfully complete your next interior or exterior facility lighting project.

Acoustic Stratta
by LightArt


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LightArt’s minimalist architectural fixtures are designed with the brand’s latest acoustic lighting technology. As designer demand for linear sound-dampening fixtures and narrow aperture lighting grows, Acoustic Stratta answered the call with LightArt’s most slender and sophisticated design to date. Imagined for high-traffic commercial spaces, the slim but mighty fixtures—whether specified as an individual piece or in a row—integrate into everything from corporate gathering spaces to school auditoriums and healthcare hallways to hotel lobbies.

Acoustic Stratta now offers a premium aluminum structure and sound absorption of up to 11 sabins, making it up to two times more absorbent than previous iterations. Acoustic Stratta’s narrow aperture and slim profile is made possible by high-efficiency LED lights. Acoustic Stratta’s LED platform also includes warm dimming and tunable white and RGBW options, packing a punch in such a small fixture.

Acoustic Stratta’s optimized design has minimal, linkable components making it flexible and connectable for continuous ceiling applications and configurable iterations in the future. Its adaptive lighting platform is also designed for technology upgrades as the collection continues to grow.

DCC LED Cylinder Series
by DMF Lighting


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DMF Lighting revealed its DCC series of LED surface-, wall-, and stem-mount cylinders, which are IP65 Rated. The DCC Cylinder series, which provides flexibility and customization with a choice of over a million configurations, is now available for outdoor applications and other harsh environments. The DCC series is a modular cylinder system that combines plug-and-play LED modules featuring DMF’s advanced LED technology, with interchangeable, twist and lock trims and shades providing a multitude of style variations and easy maintenance and on-site modifications. For outdoor applications, the cylinder series will provide an optimal solution for the most challenging specifications. The series is designed with numerous options to fit a range of applications including: multiple lumen outputs from 750 to 3,000 lumens; five beam distributions including narrow, spot, flood, wide flood, and general ambient; four color temperatures of 2700K, 3000K, 3500K, 4000K, and the option of warm dim technology; multiple finishes including white, black, bronze, brushed aluminum, or a custom color; and choice of 22 trims and shades and an uplighting option.

SolaMaster Round Ceiling Fixtures
by Solatube International


Solatube InternationalSolatube International, Inc. added a Round Ceiling Fixture to its SolaMaster commercial product line. The SolaMaster Round Ceiling Fixture features an ultra-low profile with minimal ceiling intrusion that is virtually flush. The closed ceiling design provides a new contemporary, modern option for designers and architects to incorporate Solatube daylighting in hard ceiling applications as well as T-Bar applications.

Designed to deliver consistent light output throughout the day, the fixture captures low-angle rays in the morning and late afternoon but rejects high-angle rays at midday to prevent glare and heat.

SolaMaster Round Ceiling FixturesThe fixture is available for new construction or retrofit projects and can be utilized in conjunction with all SolaMaster accessories, including the integrated LED Light-Kit and commercial Daylight Dimmer. Additionally, the fixture is available with the Solatube OptiView Shaping Diffusers next generation lens technology as well as Prismatic diffuser options. This allows the architect and/or designer to modify the lens patterns to achieve unique differing light distribution spreads for different visual effects all while maintaining a consistent, visually optimized look across the ceiling plane.

Troy Lighting Collection
by Hudson Valley Lighting


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Hudson Valley Lighting Group presented all-new assortments from Troy Lighting. Troy Lighting shows an array of new releases designed to create inviting atmospheres and bring contemporary comfort, both indoors and out.

Troy’s introductions challenge the brand’s more traditional roots through a sophisticated material that brings contrast to softer elements such as natural cork and organic tones juxtaposed with edgy patina brass and textural forged iron. Organic elements also come to life in the form of versatile portable table lamps, designed for modern living. Form follows function in these designs that look to create a meaningful experience.

Troy will also introduce classic fixtures with a sophisticated edge, designed specifically for indoor and outdoor living. Troy Exterior expansions include modern architectural designs with highlights including exterior chandeliers, as well as lanterns that combine the latest trends, with a nod to tradition.


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