Lighting Solutions Product Focus

This assortment of lighting products offer facility managers smart, efficient solutions to illuminate their buildings, inside and out.

Compiled by the Facility Executive Staff
From the October 2022 Issue

This assortment of lighting products offer facility managers smart, efficient solutions to illuminate their buildings, inside and out.

Beyond Bollard
by U. S. Architectural Lighting

Lighting SolutionsU. S. Architectural Lighting’s new Beyond Bollard features an outdoor LED system designed for area and pathway lighting, safety, and security. Its robust performance makes it ideal for use in parks, city squares, shopping malls, and on exterior commercial buildings.

With its advanced optics and PLED options, it provides high-level performance not only in delivered footcandles, but also in available distributions. The PLED system can deliver more than 5000 lumens. Each PLED optical module produces a crisp, uniform light that eliminates shadows and scalloping in pathway applications.

U.S. Architectural Lighting offers the Beyond Bollard with lens options to allow for many different illumination appearances—from diffuse and low glare to high performance wide coverage. All the optional lenses are high impact, UV stable acrylic. While a typical bollard is 42 in. height, the Beyond Bollard offers the flexibility of the standard 42 in. bollard to an 80. In. column with the option of any height from 2 in. to 8 in.


Lighting SolutionsLEDVANCE launched LEDVANCE LINK, a wireless connected lighting solution that is simple, flexible, and cost-effective with LEDVANCE LINK Bluetooth Mesh technology.

This solution makes networked lighting control quick and easy, which helps save labor, materials, and time. It offers the convenience and energy efficiency of the latest lighting solutions without the hassle and expense of additional wiring or complicated gateways.

Using a few key components, LEDVANCE LINK lighting control solution can be tailored to the needs of customers. As spaces and layouts change, the LEDVANCE LINK system can change with them, often, without needing to call in an installer. For new installations, there are network-ready, connected luminaires. For retrofits, there are field installable, plug and play controllers, sensors, and accessories for a wide range of compatible luminaires.

Provision, configure, and control the system via the LEDVANCE LINK smartphone app with a smartphone or wireless wall switch.

PrimaLine Tape Lights by Alloy LED

Lighting SolutionsAlloy LED increased the maximum run lengths of its high-quality PrimaLine tape lights up to 82’. Featuring a circuit design, the tape lights maintain the same brightness level throughout the length of the tape, from the beginning to the end of the run.

In addition to the high light quality from end to end, the extended run lengths save electricians installation time and money—up to 50%—by reducing the need for multiple drivers and power leads.

Ideal for larger coves, hallways, retail displays, and other long-run applications, the new pioneering design is being introduced on Alloy LED’s most popular PrimaLine DC tape lights, including the PrimaLine 1.5 (12V and 24V), PrimaLine 3 (12V and 24V), and the PrimaLine 1.5 XT and 3 XT long run tape lights. The tape lights are field-cuttable, dimmable, and compatible with Alloy LED’s AmpChamp connectors for secure, maintenance-free connections.

SDN 0-10V Interface by Somfy

SomfySomfy revealed the next generation Somfy Digital Network (SDN) 0-10V Interface to deliver an integrated automation solution for managing natural and artificial light in any space.

The SDN 0-10V Interface Module brings all the capabilities of the first-generation product with new capabilities to integrate with animeo IP for solar tracking and building management systems interface for optimized energy usage. The module complies with the industry-standard 0-10V controllers, commonly used in lighting control systems. It provides motorized shading commands capable of providing group or single addressing for flexible customization based on user requirements.

The design of Somfy North America’s 0-10V Plenum Module does not require a computer or network access for setup or to adjust the device, delivering the flexibility to adjust the system as needed. It is powered by AC line120V input allowing a direct connection to the lighting controller wired in a junction box. The plenum-rated form factor enables easy installation in the junction-box for electricians.

DRD Modular Downlighting System
by DMF Lighting

DMF LightingDMF Lighting upgraded its DRD Modular Downlighting System. The modular series, which consists of a housing, module, and trim features new M Series housings—offered in round and square apertures—and over 50 unique trim choices, allowing for a single housing to accommodate 98% of downlighting applications including fixed, adjustable, and wall wash.

The M Series housings are designed to install in nearly any ceiling type including wood, concrete, sloped, hat channel, T-bar, and C channel, thus satisfying new construction, remodel, or retrofit projects. The family includes a fire rated housing, a low-profile housing, and a double housing for specialty applications—meeting every lighting specification.

The field-interchangeable optical distributions range from 150 to 900+ and the color temperatures include a choice of 2700K, 3000K, 3500K, 4000K and warm dim (3000K–1800K) with a 93+ color rendering index. Lumen output options range from 750 to 1500 lumens.

Omni Slim Puck Light Led Series
by American Lighting

Lighting SolutionsAmerican Lighting’s Omni Slim and Omni Slim 3CCT LED series is for accent, under-cabinet, in-cabinet, task, and other applications where space is a concern.

The Omni Slim series features a profile that is only 1/16″ tall (¼” with trim) for tight spaces while producing up to 170 lumens with a low-power consumption of 2.5 watts. This puck light series is available in 3000K and 4000K.

The Omni Slim 3CCT series can be adjusted between 2700K, 3000K, and 4000K. This puck light series delivers up to 280 lumens while using only 4.0 watts. The 3CCT LED puck lights measure 3″ wide by 5/8″ high.

Designed for both surface and recessed mount applications, the Omni Slim and Omni Slim 3CCT series provide a high 90 CRI for suitable visual acuity. Both will perform between 14°F to 113°F with 35,000 hours rated life, and are available in black or white finish options.