LILIN Monitoring & Detection System

Remote temperature measuring surveillance system detects if individuals are wearing masks

To help stem the spread of infections worldwide, LILIN has introduced an innovative monitoring system capable of accurately measuring the body temperature of individuals, and detecting whether or not they are wearing a protective mask. Based on LILIN’s AIDA™ Artificial Intelligence, this “touch-free” system is suitable for medical institutions, large public gatherings, schools, retail outlets, and businesses of all kinds.

monitoringThe system supports high-precision facial temperature measurement within a distance of 30″ from face to camera. The entire testing process requires less than three seconds per person.

While different diseases affect people in a variety of ways, the most common symptoms during this epidemic has been a fever and cough. While a cough can be heard, a fever is easier to ignore. This makes the monitoring and detection of persons running a fever critical to ensuring the successful reopening of businesses.

In developing the system, LILIN engineered the P3T6522E2-F dual sensor IP camera that can capture high-resolution color video with a 2MP CMOS sensor and also detect abnormal temperatures using a built-in thermopile sensor that targets the facial area.

monitoringOnce captured, temperature data and video are streamed in real-time to the LILIN NVR51T4E 4-port Temperature Measurement network video recorder (NVR) for analysis. An alarm is activated when a temperature exceeds the defined temperature range, or it can trigger digital output to, for example, an access control system. Digital video is stamped with an on-screen display of the temperature reading, so that the infected person can be immediately identified, alerted, and sent to a medical facility for testing before potentially infecting those around them.

To avoid false positives, the LILIN NVR51T4E can be adjusted to reflect the ambient temperature of the testing area. Up to three individuals can be measured using this system simultaneously.

monitoringAlong with the cameras and NVR, LILIN is offering its NAV6001AI-M AIDA® mask detection server. When connected to an LILIN temperature monitoring camera, it will identify in real-time individuals not wearing a mask in public areas that require their use. In the event the NAV6001AI-M detects a person not wearing a mask, an audio or physical alarm is triggered to deny access to a facility.

The NAV6001AI-M AIDA mask detection server integrates into the LILIN camera and NVR solution, although it does not require the NVR for operation and can be used as a standalone solution with a P3T6522E2-F camera.


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