Linkable LED Strip Light Fixtures

An Energy-Efficient Alternative to Fluorescent Tube Lights

Linkable Linear LED Strip Light Fixtures from Super Bright LEDs are 4′ and 5′ fixtures available in several wattages. Heavy-duty, energy efficient alternatives to traditional tube light fixtures, they can be used for anything from parking garage, warehouse, and tunnel lighting to supermarket, shelving, and workbench lighting.
LED strip light

Linkable Linear LED Strip Light Fixtures are easily connected with compatible Super Bright LEDs accessories to create a powerful, energy efficient light series. They are designed to replace fluorescent tube light fixtures but will last five times longer (up to 50,000 hours) and illuminate instantly without the yellow-green hue that is typical of fluorescent lights.

LED strip lightThe line is available in a 4′ long, 40 watt model that delivers 5,500 lumens at 138 lm/W with 240 LEDs and a 86 CRI (TPTF-x4-40-MB1); a 5′ long, 50 watt model that delivers 6,500 lumens at 130 lm/W with 240 LEDs and a 86 CRI (TPTF-x5-50-MB1); a 60 watt, 4′ version that delivers 5,500 lumens with 120 LEDs and an 86 CRI (TPTF-x4-60-MB1); and a 5′ long, 80 watt model with 7,600 lumens, 168 LEDs, and an 87 CRI (TPTF-x5-80-MB1). Each provides a 4000K natural white color temperature with a 150° beam angle.

The weatherproof linkable lights have sturdy aluminum housings and shatterproof polycarbonate lenses. They’re dust tight as well as water and impact resistant. Fixtures can be mixed and matched and connected in a series not to exceed a maximum run of 800 watts. Mounting brackets are included for wall or ceiling installation, and a suspension kit is also available.