LIQUID NAILS FUZE*IT Construction Adhesive

The product uses hybrid-technology to instantly bond to nearly all materials

FUZE*IT® (LN-2000) from LIQUID NAILS®, a PPG brand, is a heavy duty construction adhesive. Formulated with a proprietary hybrid-polymer blend for best-in-class adhesion, it provides two times the strength of fasteners alone and bonds nearly all materials (e.g., glass, metal, tile, ceramic, granite, wood, marble, rubber) in any weather conditions.

construction adhesiveLiquid Nails Fuze*It adhesive features an instant-grab technology, while still allowing for repositioning, and provides fast strength development. This allows for faster job completion and less opportunity for parts to move or shift, creating a better and more reliable bond. In addition, the product is easy to apply to all surfaces (except polyethylene and polypropylene) in low temperatures and is heat resistant. Application temperatures range from 0°F to 140°F and service temperatures from -40°F to 300°F on surfaces that are dry, frozen, or wet.

Liquid Nails Fuze*It does not foam in high temperatures or high humidity, which typically leads to weak spots. It is packaged in a 9 fl. oz. plastic cartridge so packaging will not be damaged when left in the rain or snow, even overnight. A detachable nozzle is included for easy cleaning for reuse.

“With Fuze*It All Surface adhesive, contractors and DIYers alike can rely on one product to handle nearly every job, no matter what materials they are using,” said Mark Hembree, PPG senior marketing manager, adhesives and sealants, architectural coatings.

Mark Stypczynski, PPG manager, technical specifications, adhesives and sealants, architectural coatings, said, “Fuze*It construction adhesive can adhere even metal to metal or most plastics to most plastics with an instant hold, fast cure, and a long-lasting bond. This will solve common job-site challenges in determining what adhesive to use with different materials. It’s a go-to choice for contractors and takes the guesswork out of everyday projects for DIYers.”

The Fuze*It All Surface product (LN-2000) is a plasticizer-free formula, so it will not turn brittle like other products made with plasticizers that dry out over time. This gray colored smooth paste is also low-VOC (volatile organic compound) and GREENGUARD certified.