Listen Now: Welcome Occupants Back To Your Healthy Building

Move forward with confidence by implementing a 360° approach to facilities health and safety.

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As employees, customers, and visitors re-enter workplaces, how have you prepared your facilities for the great Return to Work of 2021? As people continue to come back to buildings this year and into 2022, facility leaders and their teams are focused on maintaining healthy and safe spaces. The COVID-19 pandemic introduced a new and significant concern for facility management. Surface cleaning, disinfection, and indoor air quality are at the forefront more than ever before.

facility managementIn the podcast below, Facility Executive talks with Bob Clarke, Sr. Vice President Client Experience & Operations Support for ABM, a provider of integrated facility solutions in the U.S. and internationally. We talk about how to ensure facilities are maintained to provide a healthy environment, and how they operate efficiently within that framework. Additionally, how do facilities teams ensure the processes they put in place for cleaning, disinfection, and healthy indoor air are apparent and visible to building occupants?

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Bob Clarke, Sr. Vice President Client Experience & Operations Support, ABM

Early in the pandemic, ABM recognized the importance of facilities teams having access to a comprehensive, evidence-based plan to clean, maintain, and improve the entire facility. The company introduced its EnhancedClean and EnhancedFacility programs to provide facility management the framework and tools to ensure healthy buildings — while also communicating to occupants the measures taken to protect their health on these sites. ABM’s approach to moving Forward Together combines industry expertise and information learned throughout the pandemic to work with facility executives seeking to improve their practices every day.

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