LiteSpeed Clean Fabric Door by Rite-Hite

LiteSpeed™ Clean by Rite-Hite is a fabric door that delivers clean room integrity, reliability, and safety. A high-speed, roll-up design helps keep contaminants from entering clean, interior environments.

fabric doorCompliant with guidelines established by Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP), the FDA, and the USDA, LiteSpeed Clean features a 1 HP motor and variable frequency drive system. It has a peak operating speed of 65″ per second, a closing speed of 30″ per second, and quiet performance. The door can maintain room-to-room pressure differentials of up to 0.2 InWC.

LiteSpeed Clean is made from PVC vinyl curtain. This 27 ounce material (30 ounce urethane is optional) is completely heat sealed. Standard curtain color is blue with others available upon request. The door has a tapered surface design that minimizes dust collection points better than flat surfaces. Non-exposed fasteners, compact 403B stainless steel side frames, and sloped shrouds offer a cleaner look and easy wipe down.

LiteSpeed Clean comes with an array of safety features. If bumped or impacted, LiteSpeed Clean’s TRUE Auto Re-feed™ will automatically reconfigure the door back on its tracks. This eliminates a potential breach in a clean room environment and the downtime and costs associated with repairing a traditional door. In addition, the bottom of the door offers Soft-Edge™ Technology with a thru-beam photo eye at 18″ (off the floor). As a result, it provides a higher degree of protection for product, personnel, and equipment.

LED Virtual Vision™ is an optional safety measure that includes four red LEDs, two 50″ low voltage cables, and two Falcon motion sensors. Sensors and LED strips flash red when motion is detected on the opposite side of the door while an optional reversing slack sensor can reverse the door’s course if an obstruction is sensed.

Fully pre-wired and tested from the factory, LiteSpeed Clean reduces electrical installation by up to two hours. There are no coil cords or wires in or around any part of the fabric door opening. LiteSpeed Clean can fit most application configurations while helping to keep different atmospheres separate. Minimum door size is 3′ x 3′ with a maximum size of 12′ x 12′.