Looking Ahead: The Future And Predictive Cost Data

Download this white paper from Gordian and explore how traditional estimating methods contribute to inaccurate construction budgets, learn why predictive cost data was developed, and find out when to use it.

Looking Ahead: The Future And Predictive Cost DataPredictive Cost Data

Traditional forecasting methods were never designed to provide robust forecasts at a micro-market level. Due to this shortcoming, predictive cost data has positioned itself to revolutionize the construction industry. With this emerging technology, construction professionals no longer need to plan for tomorrow’s projects with yesterday’s data.

Predictive Cost DataDownload this whitepaper from Gordian and you’ll:

  1. Explore how and why traditional estimating methods regularly contribute to inaccurate construction budgets
  2. Understand how predictive cost data was developed and why it is a more effective method for budget estimating
  3. Examine how and when to leverage predictive cost data.

Looking Ahead: The Future And Predictive Cost Data-Gordian