Luxxbox Launches Georgina Acoustic Pendant

The sculptural acoustic pendant adds a touch of softness and luminosity to interiors and offers powerful noise absorption.

PendantLuxxbox introduced Georgina, an elegant acoustic pendant offering powerful noise absorption capabilities with a large dome structure, soft crisscross pattern, and intricately designed glass diffuser.

Inspired by a design from the Luxxbox archives, Georgina reinterprets the iconic Flotte Lantern’s crisscross pattern into a modern acoustic pendant. Originally designed in 2017, the Flotte Lantern’s sensual curved design and soft, delicate white glow referenced floating paper lanterns. Georgina has revived the Flotte Lantern into a new diffused glass form and coupled it with a large domed acoustic shade echoing the same crisscross pattern. Together, the juxtaposition of the glass diffuser and textured acoustic shade creates a beautiful, timeless acoustic pendant.

With its generous dome shape and flowing expression, Georgina is a striking acoustic pendant suitable for commercial interiors. The elegant fixture is fashioned from a sturdy, lightweight PET dome yet has a delicate, floating quality. The pattern and curve of the pendant soften the design while the large acoustic shade provides highly effective acoustic absorption. Georgina pleasantly zones open areas and creates calming, comfortable spaces.

Georgina comes in one size and offers a neutral marled grey tone to suit any interior. Available with height-adjustable 9’/3m black suspension cables, the fixture can be grouped and hung at alternating heights to create a unique display that increases acoustic coverage. For illumination, select from the intricately designed glass diffuser with LED light source, or opt for the softer E26/E27 lamp holder option. The shade is crafted from PET material manufactured from recycled plastics. Similar to all of Luxxbox’s product portfolio, Georgina is fully recyclable at the end of life.

Quality space and noise-management solutions make for happy environments. Luxxbox’s acoustic lighting, baffles, and furniture products turn down the volume to increase productivity, creating happy, healthy workspaces the world over.

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