Luxxbox Launches Motif Acoustic Panels

The Motif Acoustic Panels are designed to reduce noise and echo around a source while enhancing the overall aesthetic of a space.


Luxxbox's Motif Acoustic Panels
Luxxbox’s Motif Acoustic Panels

For a variety of commercial interiors, a major factor that contributes to a serene environment is sound — and designers are often challenged with balancing proper acoustics with the overall aesthetic of the space. To address this, Luxxbox has launched Motif Acoustic Panels, the latest product in Luxxbox’s acoustic portfolio designed to complement the brand’s acoustic lighting range. 

The panels are easy to install and maintain, making them user friendly and functional as a design choice that can be utilized to one’s personal creative expression. With sound absorption, the acoustic panels, in addition to Luxxbox’s portfolio of acoustic lighting, help reduce noise and echo around the source, such as for commercial, workplace and hospitality spaces.

The Motif panels are designed for easy color-matching with the brand’s acoustic lighting range, offering the same versatile acoustic colors in a new panel format. The panels can also be used for creating partitions, wall or ceiling panels, acoustic pinboards, or designing personalized own acoustic solutions. 

Available in a standard 48.031″ (H) x 96.062″ (W) x 0.472″ (D) size, the panels are simple to shape, cut, or print on for customization and versatility. 

Made from 99% reclaimed PET material, a dense polyester fiber manufactured from recycled plastics, Motif collection of acoustic panels are fully recyclable at the end of their life cycle.

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