MACH ME PLUS Floor Sweeper

The MACH ME PLUS (MEP) is a manual, walk behind floor sweeper integrated 
by a vacuum filtration system. Completely free from batteries, engines, and cables, it delivers cleaning performance with an unlimited running time.

floor sweeperThe MACH MEP is suitable for indoor and outdoor cleaning on hard and soft surfaces such as ceramics, marble, cement/concrete, non-slip surfaces, linoleum, and porcelain tiling. Application areas include warehouses, schools, offices, car parks, and airports.

When the MACH MEP is pushed, the wheels engage a gearbox, which activates the main brush and the patented vacuum filtration system. The gearbox system’s high-speed brush rotation in both forward and reverse directions captures dust and debris in a single pass. The vacuum filtration system effectively retains even the smallest particles of dust, keeping air clean and debris free during sweeping. The filter is removable and washable and the 10-section brush has pressure fully adjustable to the floor surface and type of debris.

The MACH MEP provides more cleaning power than an auto-sweeper. It is agile in tight spaces and has an adjustable side brush that effectively cleans hard to reach places; users can pass along walls, pavements, and under shelving. Large rear wheels enable easy handling and a front pivot wheel ensures maximum maneuverability and steering. In addition, manual operation means the sweeper is silent during use.

The MACH MEP floor sweeper is built to last using heavy-duty materials with a coated steel chassis and durable ABS thermoplastic hoppers. The steel handle can be adjusted and folds away for storage. The hoppers are light and have an ergonomic handle molded into the design for emptying. The front and rear hoppers are shock resistant and enable debris collection in either direction.

The MACH ME PLUS sweeps up to 23,573 ft² per hour with a sweeping path of 29″ with the side brush and a sweeping path of 20″ with just the main brush. The rear hopper/dirt container has a capacity of one gallon and the front hopper has a capacity of seven gallons. The machine measures 51″ x 32″ x 37″ and weighs 56.2 pounds.