Madison Treadbrite Edge Gel Metal Cleaner

Quickly cleans all types of metal of soil, rust, and heat tint/weld burn.

TreadBrite™ Edge Gel from Madison Chemical Company, Inc. is a metal cleaner that removes soil, laser scale, rust, and heat treat scale, including heat tint/weld burn. It does so by simultaneously cleaning and brightening the surface through an etching process. This viscous gel contains a balanced blend of surfactants and acids, and is designed for use on aluminum, mild steel, stainless steel, and copper.

metal cleanerTreadbrite Edge Gel is suitable for fabricated metal surfaces—especially where L series stainless is used and post-weld cleanup is required—where an exposed metal edge has been aggravated by CO2 laser cutting, or in areas where sulphurized cutting oils and metalworking fluids have damaged stainless steel surfaces.

Well suited for field repair work, TreadBrite Edge Gel metal cleaner can speed “sign off” on equipment installation and commissioning. It is useful for repair and remanufacturing projects as well as routine maintenance for many varied industrial settings.

In addition to cleaning and removing heat tint/weld burns from stainless steel surfaces, this acidic metal cleaner can clean up severely fouled press brakes or other fabrication equipment, including removal of all class I rouges and many class II and class III rouges. It is applied full strength at room temperature by pump, spray, or manual wiping or brushing. It should be rinsed thoroughly with water after each use.

TreadBrite Edge Gel is a hazy, red viscous liquid mild in odor with a pH of 1.5 to 2.0.