Tricks of the Trade Column

Facility Management Guru, Kevin Folsom fields all kinds of questions from other facility managers and executives around the world. Submit your questions.

Tricks Of The Trade: Meat Locker Sheets (!?)

TFM Columnist Jim Elledge figures out where to get soft walls for a data center.

Tricks Of The Trade: Green Building Basics

TFM Columnist Jim Elledge helps on facility professional find out about green building certification options.

Tricks Of The Trade: Mission Critical Quiz

TFM Columnist Jim Elledge takes the redundancy question quiz.

Tricks Of The Trade: Hello, Columbus!

TFM Columnist Jim Elledge breaks down operations costs for the City of Columbus, OH.

Tricks Of The Trade: Organizational Tools

TFM Columnist Jim Elledge gets one facility manager on track with a solution to her task management problems.

Tricks Of The Trade: Water In The Lights

TFM Columnist Jim Elledge addresses the safety issue of leaky roofs, water, and light fixtures.

Tricks Of The Trade: Mythbusting the Copper vs. Aluminum Debate

TFM Columnist Jim Elledge puts forth the case for copper wire vs aluminum wire connected to main electrical switch gears.

Tricks Of The Trade: Cost To Build Out Raw Space

TFM Columnist Jim Elledge helps one reader find out if the general contractor's quote is in the right ballpark.

Tricks Of The Trade: Concrete Crack Up

TFM Columnist Jim Elledge gets to the bottom of this annoying problem.

Tricks Of The Trade: Pew Sprawl

TFM Columnist Jim Elledge explains everything you ever wanted to know about pew sprawl.

Tricks Of The Trade: Safety In Confined Spaces

TFM Columnist Jim Elledge compares confined space standards outside of the U.S.

Tricks Of The Trade: Facility Management Degrees

TFM Columnist Jim Elledge provides an update on the facility management degree programs (as of September 2007).

Tricks Of The Trade: LEGAL Turkey Vulture Deterrents

These birds are known to attack building rooftops and caulking, as well as other exterior surfaces. It all translates into structural damage and costly repairs. As a “bonus” to landlords, all vultures are protected under the Migratory Bird Treaty Act of 1918. Under the Act, taking, killing, or possessing migratory birds is unlawful.Therefore, your only options are humane pest control methods.

Tricks Of The Trade: Cleaning Costs (RSF vs. USF)

TFM Columnist Jim Elledge explains the difference in cleaning cost calculation methods.

Tricks Of The Trade: Hand Drying v.3

TFM Columnist Jim Elledge delves into the details of hand drying the RIGHT way.

Tricks Of The Trade: Cost Of Doing Business

TFM Columnist Jim Elledge helps an international professional with operations costs.

Tricks Of The Trade: “The Juggler”

TFM Columnist Jim Elledge searches for a long lost training tool.

Tricks Of The Trade: Outsourcing Ups And Downs

TFM Columnist Jim Elledge explains the pros and cons of this controversial facility management option.

Tricks Of The Trade: Clean Desk Policies

TFM Columnist Jim Elledge sets down some basics on how to get employees to join the "clean desk club."

Tricks Of The Trade: The Role Of The DIMWIT

TFM Columnist Jim Elledge reveals his true feelings about the IT department (just kidding).
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